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Bug#340719: tgif: pstoepsi broken


I am about to adopt tgif and I wanted to know if this bug has been resolved to your satisfaction. Please see below for more information.

On Fri, 25 Nov 2005, Toni Mueller wrote:

the program pstoepsi is broken in several ways:

- When using the option "-2x", checking for the source
 file is done in an incorrect way. The attached patch
 fixes this.

I am not able to reproduce this error even though the pstoepsi script does not have your patch. Perhpas I am not using the correct options to get this error. I am simply trying to "print" to epsi and it works fine.

- The program assumes that it can use a program "pbmtoepsi"
 has an option "-scale", which the version included with
 Debian has not. Thus, scaling breaks.

Again, could you please be more specific as to how you make this fail. I am not aware of how to invoke the "-scale" option.

- In the branch at line 98, there is a redundant setting of
 STYLE, which the patch also fixes, but it doesn't fix
 the case that later on, the overwritten value of STYLE
 is tested against. If this is simply a piece of dead code,
 or if this hides another problem, I didn't investigate.

This has been fixed.



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