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Bug#548804: crystalcursors: the corner resize cursors are swapped

reassign 548804 kdebase-workspace
forwarded 548804 https://bugs.kde.org/248599
tags 548804 + upstream patch

On söndagen den 8 augusti 2010, Magnus Holmgren wrote:
> Basically all the cursor packages except oxygencursors display the same
> bug. It appears that it has to do with the hash symlinks
> fcf1c3c7cd4491d801f1e1c78f100000 and c7088f0f3e6c8088236ef8e1e3e70000,
> which according to the author of Crystalcursors is part of the "QT
> symlinks mess". oxygencursors does not have these symlinks; apparently
> KDE/Qt uses size_fdiag and size_bdiag instead.
> It's almost as if those two hashes were mixed up in KDE 4, perhaps in
> QString XCursorTheme::findAlternative(const QString &name) const in
> xcursortheme.cpp?

Suggested patch if this is the case is attached. If it's not the case, the 
world (of cursor theme makers) should be told.

Magnus Holmgren        holmgren@debian.org
Debian Developer 
--- a/kcontrol/input/xcursor/xcursortheme.cpp
+++ b/kcontrol/input/xcursor/xcursortheme.cpp
@@ -82,8 +82,8 @@ QString XCursorTheme::findAlternative(co
         // Note that the MD5 hash for left_ptr_watch is for the KDE version of that cursor.
         alternatives.insert("size_ver",       "00008160000006810000408080010102");
         alternatives.insert("size_hor",       "028006030e0e7ebffc7f7070c0600140");
-        alternatives.insert("size_bdiag",     "c7088f0f3e6c8088236ef8e1e3e70000");
-        alternatives.insert("size_fdiag",     "fcf1c3c7cd4491d801f1e1c78f100000");
+        alternatives.insert("size_bdiag",     "fcf1c3c7cd4491d801f1e1c78f100000");
+        alternatives.insert("size_fdiag",     "c7088f0f3e6c8088236ef8e1e3e70000");
         alternatives.insert("whats_this",     "d9ce0ab605698f320427677b458ad60b");
         alternatives.insert("split_h",        "14fef782d02440884392942c11205230");
         alternatives.insert("split_v",        "2870a09082c103050810ffdffffe0204");

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