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Bug#514305: smarty: Please sync the install path with Ubuntu

Hi Raphaël,

> It was a poor choice of Ubuntu to diverge here... anyway I agree that at
> this point it's best if Debian updates his package to use the new path.
> It should however add some transition symlink /usr/share/php/smarty/libs
> -> /usr/share/php/smarty to avoid breaking instantly.

I agree that given that Ubuntu has made this rather poor decision, we're only 
left with this inelegant way forward to unify the packages again. Obviously we 
cannot have this changed for Squeeze anymore, so it'll have to be postponed 
for a bit.

> But this won't work automatically if plugins are installed in libs/plugins/.
> You will have to add a preinst snippet that moves files around...

/usr/share is the domain of the packaging system. So if there's anything in 
libs/plugins, that is installed by another package and we should rather not be 
moving that around in preinst. Those packages should be updated instead, no? 
You indicate this already for smarty-gettext and smarty-validate.


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