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Bug#499344: Wrong cursor when oxygencursors are installed

reassign 499344 kdebase-workspace

To restate the bug report, crystalcursors includes all the important cursors, 
including wait/busy, what is this?, pointing hand, text selection, and 
resizing cursors, but the corresponding cursors from Oxygen are used 
nonetheless. I suspect this is because there are at least two names for each 
cursor, and KDE 4 uses the cursor with the preferred/new name from the default 
theme before any cursor available under an alternative name in the selected 
theme (actually I think it's just those MD5 hashes of the hardcoded built-in 
cursors that are used).

I think that's a bug in KDE, but I'm not sure which package is responsible. I 
picked kdebase-workspace because it's kdebase-workspace-data that depends on 
oxygencursors. Please pass the bug on if I guessed wrong.

Alternatively, or as a workaround, all cursor packages might have to provide 
all their cursors under the new names as well. That would also work around the 
swapped resize cursors bug 548804.

Magnus Holmgren        holmgren@debian.org
Debian Developer 

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