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Bug#591803: calendarserver: not installable in sid

Package: calendarserver
Version: 1.2.dfsg-9
Severity: grave
User: treinen@debian.org
Usertags: edos-uninstallable


calendarserver is not installable in sid on any architecture, at least
since June 21. The reason for that is

Package: calendarserver
Version: 1.2.dfsg-9
Depends: [...], python-vobject (>= 0.4.8), [...]

Package: python-vobject
Version: 0.8.1c-3
Conflicts: calendarserver (<< 2.0)

Ralf Treinen
Laboratoire Preuves, Programmes et Systèmes
Université Paris Diderot, Paris, France.

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