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Bug#589851: #589551 - aspell-bg: Broken after upgrade from lenny or after reinstalling the package

Luca Bruno wrote:
> I'm fine to test and sponsor your patches for #589551.
> As it is a QA RC-fixing upload, I prefer it to contain just minimal
> changes to fix this bug (eg. the current patch) and have it sorted out
> soon, leaving minor cosmetic ones for later.

If I understand correctly, you want me to revert all unrelated to the
RC bug changes I made in [1]?  I thought it was prudent to fix other
issues as well precisely because it is an orphaned package.
Nevermind, I'll try to do it within today.

> Also, given that this is a orphaned package, would you mind talking
> with Damyan (Hi :) to take this over?

Perhaps, with some hesitation (not because of Damyan, of course)...
There's another potential volunteer too, so we'll see what can be

[1] http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/b/bgoffice/bgoffice_3.0-11.dsc

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