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Bug#587938: mimedecode exits with: *** glibc detected *** mimedecode: malloc(): memory corruption: 0x0811f138 ***

Package: mimedecode
Version: 1.9-4
Severity: normal

Hello Maintainer,

I use "procmail" and since it can not decode it self, I  use  mimedecode
for it since years.  but now I get tonns of 

*** glibc detected *** mimedecode: malloc(): memory corruption: 0x0811f138 ***

if I run

----[ command 'mimedecode <1278109783.28706_1.samba3' ]-----------------

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*** glibc detected *** mimedecode: malloc(): memory corruption: 0x08d4a138 ***
======= Backtrace: =========
======= Memory map: ========
08048000-0804c000 r-xp 00000000 08:05 146152     /usr/bin/mimedecode
0804c000-0804d000 rw-p 00003000 08:05 146152     /usr/bin/mimedecode
08d4a000-08d6b000 rw-p 08d4a000 00:00 0          [heap]
b7c00000-b7c21000 rw-p b7c00000 00:00 0
b7c21000-b7d00000 ---p b7c21000 00:00 0
b7d62000-b7d6e000 r-xp 00000000 08:05 236157     /lib/libgcc_s.so.1
b7d6e000-b7d6f000 rw-p 0000bAbgebrochen (core dumped)

Attached the message which cause this error

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Hi ,

I have once more ( :-)  tried to install the drivers but this time, I have
 copied first libusb0.dll in \WINDOWS\system32 and then I succeeded the installation !!
Now, I still have a problem , as I plug the device and run this command :
 openocd.exe -f interface\jtagkey-tiny.cfg   : 
Error: unable to open ftdi device: unable to claim usb device . Make sure ftdi_sio is unloaded !

What does that mean ?

Thanks all for your help


--- En date de : Mar 29.6.10, freddie_chopin@op.pl <freddie_chopin@op.pl> a écrit :

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Objet: =?ISO-8859-2?Q?Re: [Openocd-development] Re : Openocd-development Digest, Vol 45, Issue 44=ina?=
À: openocd-development@lists.berlios.de, "cedric libre" <cedric_libre@yahoo.fr>
Date: Mardi 29 juin 2010, 10h54


After installing OpenOCD extract the file c:\Program Files\OpenOCD\0.4.0\drivers\libusb-win32_ft2232_driver-100223.zip and follow the instructions in info.txt. This package has functional libusb-win32 drivers for JTAGkey.

When searching for drivers point the wizard (with the "Have Disk" button) to the directory containing libusb-win32_ft2232_driver.inf.

Have in mind that FT2232 is a composite device which normally takes 3-5 drivers:
- Composite Device - this uses generic Windows driver (this usually does not require any Wizard and is installed automatically)
- first channel (Channel A - usually JTAG interface)
- second channel (Channel B - usually USB Serial Port or unused)

if first or second channel are configured as serial port, additional drivers will be required for "USB Serial Port".

Your JTAGkey should require 3 drivers - Composite Device (automatic) and 2x libusb-win32 from the package bundled with OpenOCD installer.

Do note, that once you installed ftd2xx drivers you have to remove the ones you wish to replace or - as Xiaofan said - you can manually "update" them. You only need to manipulate with the first channel, as OpenOCD doesn't care about the second channel (whether or not it's actually used for anything).


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