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(U) Transportation Security Administration


(U) Transportation Security Administration

(U) Terrorist Attack Methods in Airport Terminals

A Predictive Analysis for the Detection-Technology Community

15 June 2010

(U//FOUO) This Transportation Security Administration Office of Intelligence (TSA-OI)
assessment, developed at the request of the TSA Office of Security Technology,
examines the terrorist tactics used to attack passengers inside the public areas of an
airport terminal in order to assist in developing security procedures and deploying threat
detection technology to this area. This assessment examined a number of unclassified
sources detailing disrupted plots, bombings, suicide bombers, and armed assaults
conducted in the public areas of airports from the 1960s to the present. Additionally,
attacks on other critical infrastructure targets were reviewed in order to assess which
tactics are more likely to be considered by terrorists targeting airport terminals.

Additional information can be found in the following report:



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Office of Infrastructure Protection
Infrastructure Security Compliance Division
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