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Bug#583846: Bad test case

severity 583846 normal
tag 583846 + moreinfo

Where did you come up with the source code for the test? I think you
are missing some steps. (I used to maintain this package but orphaned
it due to a lack of time and because I never got around to releasing
any code that needed the library. I won't be adopting the package or
writing perfect test cases for the same reasons.)

Take a look at the test code within the package itself,
'src/backend/sqlite3/test/' but that code isn't directly comparable as
it uses internal test namespaces which need further tweaks.

SOCI doesn't have particularly good documentation but even so, nothing
about your test justifies a severity of 'grave' as the internal test
cases do find the backends just fine. True, tests need to do more than
just call a single routine but that's just how it goes with orphaned
packages like soci. Nobody cares about it anymore.


Neil Williams

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