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Bug#570253: Server doesn't sync time when it is started

On -10/01/37 16:59, Pavel Vávra wrote:
> DAEMON_OPTS="-f /etc/openntpd/ntpd.conf -s"
> Option -s can be subject to discussion, but -f is solution for all Debian-like distribution.

Hi Pavel!

I'm supplying now "-f" parameter by default file.

On the other hand, as you also mention, the -s parameter is a piece of a
different pie.
Unfortunately, setting OpenNTPd to behave like this can be extremely
dangerous on systems which "time jumps" can lead to
important/serious/unrecoverable data loses.
For instance, some applications make use of internal timestamps meant
for securing data lifetime or for integrity (like some DB engines [mysql
is one of them AFAIK]).

I'm afraid you'll have to set an override on this file for your system :-( 
Although I like the functionality, you may also agree that it can be too



BOFH excuse #408:
Computers under water due to SYN flooding.

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