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Bug#192864: Fwd: Can we close Debian gtml bug 192864?

Hi Dan,

I guess you're getting two emails from me today.  For the sake of the bug report, I'll repeat myself. :)

GTML has been orphaned for a while.  Since I still use it actively, I've decided to take it over.

Bug 192664 has been open since 11 May 2003, with no other comments in it.  The last activity was when you changed your submitter address in July of 2003.

There hasn't been an upstream release of GTML since October of 2004, so it seems unlikely that there will be one to address the whitespace problem you reported .  Is it important enough to you to keep the Debian bug open, or can we close it?



Kenneth J. Pronovici <pronovic@ieee.org>

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