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Bug#463598: wdm: sessreg invocation in Xstart up and Xreset doesn't work

On Fri, Feb 01, 2008 at 12:50:25PM -0500, Adam C. Emerson wrote:
> Package: wdm
> Version: 1.28-2.3
> Severity: normal
> Due to the nonexistence of utmp on my newly installed system, the
> -u /var/log/utmp option to sessreg causes it to not reg sesses.
> Removing this option makes everything work perfectly.

Looking at some bugs in this orphaned package.

Not sure if is a typo, but is /var/run/utmp what is used, not /var/log/utmp.
Anyway, seems that in systems with /var/run/utmp there is still no log. See 
followup to your bug report,


I tried removing the '-u /var/run/utmp' part from Xstartup, but seems to
still not register sessions. Are wdm sesions registered at your site with
the change?

I compared code in wdm and xdm Xstartups and they looked very similar, so I
guess this problem originates somewhere else.

In the box where wdm is installed last time /var/log/wdm.log was updated was
long time ago, on November 2005 for sid. I wonder what happened at that
time. I think about something related to xfree86 -> xorg transition (last 
xfree86 log in this sid box is from September 2005).

Thanks for your feedback,


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