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Helping you for and pass IT exams

Exam, it's partners and key management staff has been helping individuals prepare for and pass IT exams for over 10 years. 

Founded in 1991 Adaptive Learning Systems, Inc., through its Exam division, is a leading provider of exam preparation material for a multitude of industries. It has continued to expand into new markets through strategic partnerships and key acquisitions. These include the Information Technology, Financial, Medical, Trades and College Entrance markets. 

Among the products Exam produces are practice test software, audio preparation tools, flash cards, electronic books, and more. Line extensions are constantly being evaluated and developed on a market-by-market basis. 

In 2003 Exam partnered with Pearson Technology Group, one of the largest educational marketing companies in the world, adding content from their highly acclaimed Exam Cram line of self study books for IT professionals. Subsequently both companies extended the relationship to target non-technical markets such as NCLEX, SAT, GED and others. 

To date over 1 million users have downloaded the Exam practice test software. Our proven marketing and distribution model continues to grow and has contributed to the exponential growth Exam has experience since its inception. 

In 2005 ALS launched a new and exciting web community, CertTalk.com. CertTalk.com offers free Study Guides, Online Practice Exams, monthly columns by popular industry authors such as Scott Mueller, user forums, breaking news and more. Original content development is ongoing. Authors and potential contributors should contact the company for more information. 

Contacts: itexams@ymail.com  or  solutionsi@yeah.net

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