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Unique Fighter Apparel Company offers 50% off NEW Line during VIP Presale

My name is Obi Oguh co founder of FTH Apparel, thanks for reading this email I know your time is valuable so I'll just get right into it. Our mission has and continuous to be to create a martial arts and mixed martial arts oriented brand that is deeply rooted in the philosophies of the various martial arts. Although we do appreciate the skull and death imagery on much of the apparel associate with martial arts and in particular Mixed Martial Arts we wanted something that more accurately reflects the dedication, skill and discipline it takes to achieve greatness in martial arts and what it means to be a martial artist.

To this end we have created and would like to introduce you to our Bushido Series by offering you a 50% pre-order discount.  The bushido series will ship on May 15th but pre order this week and get 50% off with coupon code OBIVIP50. We are sure you will be 100% satisfied with our products but just in case you are not we offer a full money back guarantee. Here is the link to preorder the New FTH BUSHIDO line http://www.fthfightgear.com/shop-fth/fth-bushido-series-c-110.html use the code OBIVIP50 at checkout.

To your success,

Obi Oguh

P.S. If your interested read about the new Bushido Series products;

We designed and developed our new collection to give you the ultimate in comfort, function, durability and style. Extensive research,  development and testing with fighters  has gone into the development of our bushido series resulting in what we believe are the best  products available but that of-course is up to you to decide. The artwork for FTH Fight Gear Bushido Series is inspired by the code of the Samurai known as Bushido or Way of The Warrior. For full product specifications, features and styling head over to http://www.fthfightgear.com/shop-fth/fth-bushido-series-c-110.html   enter the code OBIVIP50 at checkout.

FTH Apparel Inc.
DBA: FTH Fight Gear

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Web: www.fthfightgear.com
Fax: 623-261-1562
Phone: 877-384-8337   
Peoria, Az 85382

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