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Bug#562947: Wrong path for sqlr-stop


I've investigated this for a couple of minutes and it seems that the path is 
wrong. I'm not sure _why_ is wrong, or what will happen when/if you fix the 
path (when sqlr-stop starts working, who knows what will happen).

In any case, the fix seems to be changing preinst to read (instead of 

su - ${ADMIN} -c /usr/bin/sqlr-stop

If you check the versions in sid, lenny and even etch, sqlr-stop is always 
shipped in /usr/bin, never in /usr/sbin. That's why I don't understand how 
this bug hasn't been found before (at least Lenny's and Sid's versions have 
the wrong path in the preinst, so I assume it hasn't changed since).


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