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Bug#342719: curl: Please build against libcurl3-gnutls

forcemerge 574189 342719

Adrian Bunk wrote:

> It would be nice if the curl package was built against libcurl3-gnutls.

In an attempt at reading your mind, I’m guessing your reasoning was
the same as mine:

> curl uses OpenSSL for SSL support, but various packages using
> libcurl-gnutls use GnuTLS.  It would be nice for debugging to have a
> curl-gnutls binary built with libcurl-gnutls, to quickly check if a
> problem is going to show up for all users of libcurl-gnutls or just
> one.

An alternative reason would be to avoid having two SSL implementations
at all, but I think there are other places to start for that.

Anyway, please unmerge if I misunderstood.


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