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Re: parted unblock, and upcoming transition

Colin Watson wrote:
> Could parted 1.8.8.git.2009.07.19-6 be unblocked, please?  It's needed
> to smooth the path for parted 2.2 in the near future.


> Speaking of which, I would like to upload parted 2.2 to unstable (it's
> currently in experimental) once 1.8.8.git.2009.07.19-6 reaches testing.
> The reason to try to get this into squeeze is that without it we won't
> properly support "Advanced Format" (i.e. >512-byte logical sectors) hard
> drives, which are becoming increasingly common.  There is an ABI
> transition involved, among the following source packages (maintainers
> CCed):
>   devicekit-disks
>   fatresize
>   gnu-fdisk
>   gparted
>   libvirt
>   partconf
>   partitioner
>   partitionmanager
>   partman-base
>   pyparted
>   qtparted
>   udisks
> I believe that all of these are trivial matters of changing
> build-dependencies, with the exception of fatresize which needs a fix to
> its configure script as well (already done upstream); some of these
> packages already had appropriate or nearly-appropriate versions in
> experimental, last I checked.
> We might want to let devicekit-disks/udisks get into testing first, but
> after that's done, would it be convenient to the release team and to the
> other maintainers CCed here to start this transition?  I can supervise
> it, upload the d-i parts and the QA-maintained qtparted directly, and
> file bugs with patches as necessary for the others.

Please do hold your upload for now. We'll come back to you when the
moment is right.



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