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Bug#573597: tput(1) manpage talks about @TPUT@

Package: ncurses-bin
Version: 5.7+20090803-2
Severity: minor

The tput(1) manpage has a couple of references to “@TPUT@”:

       bold=‘tput smso‘ offbold=‘@TPUT@ rmso‘
            Set the shell variables bold, to begin  stand-out  mode  sequence,
            and offbold, to end standout mode sequence, for the current termi‐
            nal.  This might be followed by a prompt: echo "${bold}Please type
            in your name: ${offbold}\c"
       0           (capname is a numeric variable that is not specified  in
                   the  terminfo(5)  database  for this terminal type, e.g.
                   tput -T450 lines and @TPUT@ -T2621 xmc)

I’m guessing there’s just a missing /g on the regex that does 

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