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Bug#570089: Processed: Re: Bug#377270: agg doesn't provide a shared library

unblock 570089 with 377270

* Rene Engelhard <rene@debian.org>, 2010-02-16, 14:52:
I don't see why it's blocked here. You can also use libagg-dev
and not use the embedded code copy without agg having a shared library.

agg hot having a shared library results back from the time I maintained
it - and it#s because of the fact that AFAIR agg didn't change SONAME
even when the ABI changed -> boom :-)

The PIC argument isn't one either, that#s exactly why libagg_pic is there:

$ dpkg -L libagg-dev | grep a$

Oh, right, somehow I missed that. Thanks for pointing that out!

Jakub Wilk

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