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RE: Zeus Attack Spoofs NSA, Targets .gov and .mil

Zeus Attack Spoofs NSA, Targets .gov and .mil

Criminals are spamming the Zeus banking Trojan in a convincing e-mail that spoofs the National Security Agency. Initial reports indicate that a large number of government systems may have been compromised by the attack.

According one state government security expert who received multiple copies of the message, the e-mail campaign ? apparently designed to steal passwords from infected systems ? was sent exclusively to government (.gov) and military (.mil) e-mail addresses.

The messages are spoofed so that they appear to have been sent by the National Intelligence Council (address used was nic@nsa.gov), which serves as the center for midterm and long-range strategic thinking for the U.S. intelligence community and reports to the office of the Director of National Intelligence.

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Jeffrey Carr is the CEO of GreyLogic, the Founder and Principal Investigator of Project Grey Goose, and the author of ?Inside Cyber Warfare?.

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