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Bug#569227: ncurses-base: break handling of ctrl-c in xterm and rxvt using bash

Hi Sven,

thanks for your very quick reply.

On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 11:26:07PM +0100, Sven Joachim wrote:
> > I have still some xterms that are not affected open. Those were started
> > in 2009.
> Before or after you upgraded ncurses-base?  That package has not been
> touched for more than five months.

Unfortunately I don't have any idea when I started the last working
xterm. But I probably restarted some xterm within the past four months,
so we can assume that ncurses-base is not the causing package.

> > On a broken xterm it looks like:
> > speed 38400 baud; line = 0;
> > -brkint -imaxbel
> Here it looks exactly the same as in your "broken" xterm, and ^C works
> fine anyway.

Ok. This information is of no help then.

> > Using stty brkint imaxbel or stty sane does not solve the issue. Also
> > stty intr ^C does not help.
> stty sane should remove the "-brkint -imaxbel".  Does it?

It does.

> > Do you have any other ideas for debugging the issue?
> Not really, but you could send the output of 'env' and

Uhm. I don't really like to show my complete environment. I therefore
give a diff from working to broken:

Here are some variables that might be of interest:
(no other LC_* is set)

> 'xrdb -query | grep -i xterm'.  Do you see any differences between
> working and broken xterms?

The xrdb -query | grep -i xterm command has no output at all for me.

> > If you feel that I have assigned the bug report to the wrong package,
> > please reassign it to the correct package.
> I feel it is assigned to the wrong package, but I have no idea what the
> right package could be.

Actually I didn't feel it was the right package either. However packages
like xterm, rxvt or bash seemed even more wrong.

> > Kernel: Linux
> Ever thought of upgrading this two years old, totally unsupported kernel?

Yes, it is on my todo list for about a year. Unfortunately I really rely
on that system (well I shouldn't be running testing then ;-).
Additionally I experience bugs that cause data loss on reboots, so I
avoid the latter as hard as possible.


PS: I will be unable to read mail for the extended weekend starting in
14 hours.

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