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[yavor@gnu.org: [Debian GNUstep maintainers] Orphaned GNUstep packages]

Just FYI -- sorry if forwarding this is out of place.
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I felt it prudent to send a list/summary of the remaining orphaned
packages, as given the aggressive package removal policy nowadays we
may end up without them for squeeze or squeeze+1.  Ideally, we should
find adopters for all of them, and remove those that are not

* batmon.app
  There was a new release recently.  I have a patch lying somewhere to
  port to GNU/kFreeBSD.  I wouldn't be a good maintainer for it,
  because I don't owe a laptop (in fact I do have an old one, but its
  battery is non-functional).  I'd be happy to maintain it provided
  that someone from the team uses it on a regular basis and does all
  required testing.

* charmap.app 
  This is naturally a useful app, but it still has some subtle bugs.
  Dead upstream, but I'll do my best to fix it if nobody wants it.

* displaycalibrator.app
  This is useful for certain debugging/testing scenarios, as was
  confirmed by someone on -powerpc recently (or not very recently).
  If nobody is willing to take it, I'll try to.

* ftp.app
  Actively maintained upstream.  I've never used a GUI FTP client,
  TBH.  Anyway, if nobody is willing to adopt it, I'll take it.  This
  package was revamped to use DO and is much more usable than before.

* gnuwash.app
  Not a serious program, and my humble tests show that it's not even
  working properly.  Perhaps a candidate for removal.

* innerspace.app
  I personnaly find it annoying, as it is not a "real" screensaver.
  I'm not sure it does what it's supposed to do, but maybe that's only
  because I haven't investigated carefully.  It's supposed to be
  maintained within GAP, but was not touched for years.  Tricky code.
  Maybe worth preserving, but needs some care.

* latex.service
  A very popular service, but I'm not sure if it works now and how it
  is supposed to work in the first place.  Maybe worth fixing, maybe
  worth adopting, maybe for removal -- I can't tell, as I've never
  used it or even needed it before.

* mines.app
  The classic game, would be sad to see it go away as the last two
  removed games (ladder.app and lapispuzzle.app).  I don't have any
  time for games actually, but will take this one if noone volunteers
  (most probably under the umbrella of the Debian Games team, to have
  more luck with sponsors).

* open.app
  Never used that one and I don't even know what's so special about it
  that the gnustep meta-package depends on it.  It wasn't needed
  before, and I fail to see why it is needed now.  Suggest removal.

* poe.app
  This is a naive app to tag .ogg files.  Although I'm not using it, I
  feel some nostalgy as it was one of the first GNUstep apps I've
  translated.  It could be easily extended to do more, at least for
  other formats.  Dead upstream.  I'll take it if nobody else wants it.

* remotedesk
  Never used it because I don't have access to Windows machines since
  ages.  Suggest removal right now if nobody wants to maintain it
  (maintenance presumes remote access to Windows).

* rssreader.app
  There are/were several misunderstandings and question marks for this
  package.  First, the RSSKit framework is under LGPL, so there's no
  reason for the .dfsg suffix (I clarified this with upstream
  post-factum).  Second, it was residing for a long time in the etoile
  tree, so I was unwilling to update it as that would mean epoch bump
  in the etoile package (and we want to decrease the etoile binary
  packages that are maintained elsewhere in the first place).  The
  package as it is now is broken, because it almost always renders raw
  HTML.  The new version is a complete redesign, but crashes fairly
  often so I consider it even more unusable.  Third, the package has
  to be renamed to grr.app because Apple had some claims for the "RSS
  Reader" brand (how impudent of them; this is a fairly generic name
  so it's weird that any trademark issue may arise).  RSSKit/Grr was
  moved to GAP, but there was no subsequent release.  If RSSKit is
  released separately, it has to be packaged as a classic framework.
  If not, grr.app has to ship it as a private library, like some other
  packages do.

* shisen.app
  This is my wife's favorite game, so I'll certainly not risk the
  danger of a divorce -- will adopt it.

* stepbil.app
  Yet another game abandoned by debian-games.  Will take it if nobody
  likes it.

* stepulator.app
  I personally use edenmath.app.  Any takers for this one?

Maybe I missed something; we'll see.

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