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Bug#561089: ispell: segfaults on checking any file

I wrote: 

> I know that this didn't happen with the old 20071211 ngerman
> dictionary, but the upstream maintainer of this dictionary was quite
> active and introduced many changes in 20091006 version.
> I didn't understand why this hash table overflow in buildhash implies
> the segmentation fault of ispell, but I can reproduce the problem
> here.  I would expect a behavior where only some words are missing...
> I just tried out whether buildhash from ispell behaves
> different, but I get the same error message there.
> Do you see a chance to increase the size of the hash table to get rid
> of this problem?  Or do we have to modify the German dictionary to fit
> into the data structure (but where should I start with skipping
> words?).  Removing just some thousand lines from the end of the input
> file doesn't solve the problem, so maybe not the number of lines but
> some special lines seem to trigger the problem.  But what lines?

In the meantime I found out, that my recent 20091006-2 package did not
run munchlist over the mwl file (don't ask me why).  After doing this
again, buildhash no longer has problems building the hash.
I just uploaded a fixed igerman98 20091006-3 to the archive.

So I think that the severity of this bug report can be decreased.
Nevertheless it is IMHO a bug that buildhash can run into such a
trouble that ispell segfaults when it uses the dictionaries...



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