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Bug#520289: 520289: opensched_eps2png doesn't work -- works for me

> Version: 0.4.4-6

> The opensched_eps2png does not run properly.
> The problem is that no value are affected to "llx" "lly" "urx" and "ury"
> variables...

> The following sequence doesn't display anything :

> llx=`awk '$1=="%%BoundingBox:"{print $2}' < $1.eps`
> echo $llx

I tried taking an eps file ( /usr/share/tcltk/tk8.4/images/logo.eps ),
copied it to my home directory, changed "$1.eps" to "logo.eps", and
tried the two lines above in /bin/bash, it worked fine.  I then tried
"opensched_eps2png logo", and it created the "logo.png" file, and I
displayed the png file using eog - it displayed fine.  I have the same
version of opensched as you, but I'm using Squeeze (Testing).


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