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Bug#520975: 520975: exactimage: edisplay program is missing? -- upstream bug

> The debian package description, TODO, website, etc., of exactimage
> suggest that it includes a display program called "edisplay" -- however
> there is no such program installed by the debian exactimage package, nor
> any obvious extra package containing it...

Problem still exists in version 0.7.4-2.  The program edisplay is not
even being compiled, you need libevas-dev for that.  I tried getting
the debian source, then changing the line

./configure --prefix=/usr --with-evas=yes --with-libagg=no --with-ruby=no

from --with-evas=yes to --with-evas=1, installing libevas-dev (this
would need to be put into the Build-Depends line), and compiling.  It
turns out that it won't compile.  I tried getting the upstream tarball
0.7.5, but that also has the same build problem.  Upstream must
already know about this, since upstream's default is to compile

Upstream's tarball is available at
http://freshmeat.net/projects/exact-image/ , and their homepage is at
http://www.exactcode.de/site/open_source/exactimage/ .  You can try
"svn co http://svn.exactcode.de/exact-image/";

The homepage mentions "Additionally, language bindings for PHP, Python
and Lua can be generated by the build system", I don't think these are
being generated.  You will want python-dev, to get rid of a message
about "python-config" missing, and php-config is missing - the package
php5-dev contains /usr/bin/php-config5 .


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