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Re: Bug#559196: wicd confuses distcc-pump with BOOTP/DHCP pump when pump package is not installed

reassign 559196 distcc-pump,pump
tags 559196 confirmed
retitle 559196 almost name-clash between packages, relies on $PATH
severity 559196 important


On Wednesday 02 December 2009 17:51:57, Jussi Judin wrote:
> When I have distcc-pump package installed, it provides /usr/bin/pump
> program. When wicd tries to automatically recognize DHCP client, it
> will first notice that "pump" exists and will try to use /usr/bin/pump
> as its DHCP client

No, it launches "pump".
That doesn't happen for you when "pump" is installed because /sbin/ comes 
before /usr/bin/ in $PATH.

> and this will result in confusing immediate returns
> when assigning IP addresses in graphical user interface.

You're right, and I'm reassigning this bug to distcc-pump _and_ pump. 
Maintainers, please possibly choose different names. I know this isn't a 
proper "name clash" (thus the severity not being raised to RC), but I believe 
it's kinda confusing having two programs with the same name in different 
paths, and relying on $PATH ordering.


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