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Bug#553887: directvnc: should this package be removed?


Please give directvnc a chance to make it for squeeze.

> * Dead/missing upstream.
Situation is evolving (granted, quite slowly though). I agreed with directvnc 
author to take over the maintainance of the code, moved the code in github [0] 
and applied debian patches and some trivial fixes.

> * Buggy.
Can you expand? I still want to check #538110, but it looks like a 
compatibility issue with latest directFB. Appart from that, directvnc might 
not be bug free of course, but it is pretty stable, at least I have seen it 
used on hundreds of thin client boxes on different sites for months without any 

> * ITA'd for over 3 years.
You meant orphaned? I ITA'd it 9 months ago [1]. Sure the low amount of time I 
could allocate lately to this project dont make this happening at an 
impressive speed, but if at the end I can upload (through a sponsor I guess) a 
new package with all the needed fixes by early february (it will happen 
hopefully sooner), it will at least have saved it for squeeze.

> * Low popcon scores.
sure, not so many people need a DirectFB compatible VNC client, but there are 
some and directvnc is the only choice available.



[0]: http://github.com/drinkmilk/directvnc
[1]: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=367169#12

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