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Bug#556174: otrs2 wants to install the mysql-database as root and not as debian-maintainer-user

retitle #556174 package should use its own database user, not root

On Sat, Nov 14, 2009 at 12:14:48AM +0100, Hanno Wagner wrote:
> otrs2 tries to install the mysql-database as "root"@"localhost" while
> there is a debian-maintainer-user used for creating and installing new
> databases or tables. since there is a debian-maintainer-user, I don't
> allow root to make connections to the mysql-database. This is already
> in the otrs2-2.0 packages so I can not upgrade from old stable to new
> stable (since there is no useable root-account)

Actually, the debian-sys-maint user is, afaik, only meant for
mysql-package internal use. The correct way to do things would
probably be to ask for the root PW and then to create a non-root user
which is used from there on.

Having a non-root user btw breaks all updates of the otrs package
since the maintainer scripts barf if they cannot connect as root.


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