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Bug#521473: getcontext missing on some architectures, what to do with wvstreams and wvdial?

Hello Release Team,

I'd like to have some guidance on how to manage bug #521473, which
affects wvstreams and wvdial because they rely on getcontext and
setcontext, not available in armel and kfreebsd* implementations of
eglibc (and this feature won't probably be implemented soon).

I was thinking about the possibility to limit architectures to the ones
getcontext/setcontext are available and functional, mangling Arch
field or by adjusting P-A-S, and asking removal for armel and kfreebsd*
binaries afterwards.

Do you agree with this approach, or have better advices?

 :  :' :   Luca Falavigna <dktrkranz@debian.org>
 `.  `'

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