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Bug#526710: Bug #526710: The substructures don't open automatically.


The substructures are there, they just don't open automatically when you
open the Compiler structure:

dmr@skynet:~ $ sml

Standard ML of New Jersey v110.69 [built: Sun Jun  7 19:18:24 2009]

- open Compiler;


[autoloading done]

opening Compiler

  val version : {date:string, system:string, version_id:int list}

  val architecture : string

- open Stats;

[autoloading done]
opening Stats
  type stat
  type counter
  val newCounter : counter list -> counter
  val getCounter : counter -> int
  val addCounter : counter -> int -> unit
  val newStat : string * counter list -> stat
  val getStat : stat -> int
  val registerStat : stat -> unit
  val makeStat : string -> stat
  val addStat : stat -> int -> unit
  type phase
  val makePhase : string -> phase
  val doPhase : phase -> ('a -> 'b) -> 'a -> 'b
  val keepTime : bool ref
  val approxTime : bool ref
  val sayBegin : bool ref
  val sayEnd : bool ref
  val summary : unit -> unit
  val summarySp : unit -> unit
  val reset : unit -> unit

So I have two questions:

First, I don't see an upstream bug report about this. What was their

Second, is this really a bug? It seems like a feature that opening
Compiler doesn't open all of these other structures, and instead as a
user you have the ability to choose which ones to open.


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