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Bug#550235: xaos: menu entry does not work (typo in command)

Package: xaos
Version: 3.4-1
Severity: normal

Hello Debian QA Group,

xaos menu entry do not work.

The file /usr/share/menu/xaos reads
?package(xaos):needs="text" section="Applications/Graphics" \
	title="Text Xaos" longtitle="Text Xaos fractal zoomer" \
	command="/usr/bin/xaos -driver aa'"
?package(xaos):needs="x11" section="Applications/Graphics" \
	title="Xaos" longtitle="Xaos fractal zoomer" \
	command="/usr/bin/xaos -driver x11'"

Note the spurious ' at the end of the command field.
This cause the shell to fail to parse the command.

Bill. <ballombe@debian.org>

Imagine a large red swirl here. 

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