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Bug#533982: investigating ksimus

Christoph Egger <debian@christoph-egger.org> (28/08/2009):
> Hi!

Hello one month later! (hrm :/)

> 	The admin/config.{guess,sub} not found can apparently be
> solved by copying the version in /usr/share/misc in the configure
> target. However thereafter these packages will all fail to build
> because not all symbols can be resolved and libtool doesn't like
> that

That's the usual way to fix this kind of issues, when there's an
admin/ directory around. Note that in the general case, “autoreconf
-vfi” does what you need almost all the time, but sometimes you need
to run each and every autotools command with appropriate cwd etc.

> 	Without actually testing, this seems however to be correct
> behaviour as these libraries are intended as plugins and some of the
> missing symbols seem to directly come from the ksimus binary that is
> intended to load them.

Yeah. Note that when dpkg-shlibdeps complains about missing symbols, a
plugin architecture can be an explanation. We can discuss privately
another issue that can happen at build time because of missing symbols
if you like.


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