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Bug#545029: Suggested version didn't fix the problem


Now I'm able to reproduce the bug, but can't find a solution anyway.
The combobox model is set as a liststore and has a text cell renderer, I really do not understand what's wrong with it (it's been like that since grsync 0.9.0).
The model is a liststore and it's complaining that it isn't... maybe it's a gtkbuilder or glade problem, but even installing the latest glade and gtk from ubuntu karmic alpha6 didn't help.
anyone can?


martijn van brummelen wrote:

I had contact with Piero, and he told me that the new version 0.9.2
didn't fix the problem, I was a "prerelease" which did not solve the
It wasn't ready for the whole wide world so he removed it again.
They are working on an new version and Piero will keep me informed.

Martijn van Brummelen

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