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Bug#448524: Sorry, bad patch

severity 448524 serious


 A package that fails to upgrade because the service is stopped is a
policy violation, thus serious.

* era eriksson <era@iki.fi> [2009-08-12 12:59:32 CEST]:
> Ouch, I was too quick -- apologies.  The patch I attached to the
> previous message did not properly implement the fix I described.  Here's
> another attempt.

 There is another issue with the patch (or the init.d script in the
first place): The existence of $PIDFILE is assumed, which is a bad
assumption if one has set their rc links to stop and only starts the
server when needed.

 Why not directly using ps "$(cat $PIDFILE)" instead of fiddling around
with grepping through complete ps output? Much more straight forward and
ressource friendly.

--- thttpd-current/debian/thttpd.init.d.orig    2009-08-12 13:52:08.000000000 +0300
+++ thttpd-current/debian/thttpd.init.d 2009-08-12 13:54:32.000000000 +0300
@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@
                echo -n "Stopping $DESC: "

-               if ps ax | grep "$(cat $PIDFILE)" | grep -qv grep
+               if test -s $PIDFILE && ps "$(cat $PIDFILE)"
                        start-stop-daemon -K -q -p $PIDFILE -x $DAEMON --signal 10

 This should catch it all.

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