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Bug#526878: Bug#504283: Bug#471801: egroupware adoption or removal?

Hi Ralf,

On Thursday 20 August 2009, Ralf Becker wrote:
> I'm one of the admins and the main developer of EGroupware project.
> Naturally I'm very interested that EGroupware stays in Debian.
> I'm building the projects own rpm packages and since a while also Debian
> packages for a professional EGroupware line of my company.
> I'm willing to maintain the Debian packages - thought I have no idea
> what the non-technical requirements on a Debian maintainer are.

one of the main problem for packaging egroupware (not exclusive relevant for 
debian) is the huge amount of embedded code copies[1] (search for 
'egroupware'). This was the reason to not include egroupware into sarge and is 
the actual reason for removing from testing. If there pops up a security 
problem for any embedded code copy, the (egroupware) package needs fixed in 
any way. The ideal solution would be to get rid of the embeddde code copies in 
the egroupware debian package and use the debian package of the embedded code 
copy. For example with phpmailer, just the phpmailer package needs to be fixed 
and egroupware is not vuln anymore.
The actual problem is, to fix the problem in the egroupware package too, which 
is a big security mess.

So if you could take this code copy issue into account, the conditions for 
egroupware in debian would benefit a lot.

Thanks and with kind regards, Jan.
[1] http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/secure-testing/data/embedded-code-
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