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Re: {My,Hun}spell dicts and OOo hyphenations/thesauri transition


On Mon, Aug 03, 2009 at 12:35:47AM +0200, Rene Engelhard wrote:
> The plan is as follows:
> 1) all hyphenation patterns (hyph_*.dic) will move to /usr/share/hyphen.
>    OOo can be configured with --with-external-hyph-dir to look there,
>    scribus can add a symlink there or add a configure thing, too
> 2) all thesauri (th_*.{idx,dat}) will move to /usr/share/mythes
>    OOo (only one using it) can be configured with --with-external-thes-dir
>    to look there
> 3) the hunspell dictionaries should move to /usr/share/hunspell.
>    OOo gets configured with --with-external-dict-dir. Hunspell itself
>    looks there anyway and the symlinks in the Mozillas get changed
> To not have a transition involving OOo and the mozillas (and eventually
> some transitions which they are in) and all dicts together we talked on
> debconf how to best do it and came up with the following:
> STEP 1 (now!)
> ------
> All dictionary packages get changed for the new location but KEEP the old
> one.

OK, as there was no objection we start with STEP 1 now. I already uploaded
"my" packages not using installdeb-myspell with that change.
(installdeb-myspell-using packges either need extra stuff or need to
wait until I fixed dictionaries-common-dev to install in the new location
with compat symlinks)

Bugs will come soon for the non-installdeb-myspell ones and the other
ones when dictionaries-common-dev is fixed.


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