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Bug#448524: reopen, fix too broad

reopen 448524
tags 448524 +patch

The fix in 2.25b-5 is unfortunately too broad.  

As pointed out in the follow-up from Patricio Silva, the fix fails to
anchor the regular expression properly (and besides, the Useless Use of
grep | grep is convoluted).

> PID=`cat $PIDFILE`
> if ps ax | awk '{print $1}' | grep -q "^${PID}$"; then

This can be simplified as follows:

if ps ax | grep -q "^ *$(cat $PIDFILE) "; then

As a further comment on style, awk | grep can almost always be massaged
into a single awk invocation (but I don't think awk is necessary here,
and so the details are left as an exercise for the interested reader).

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