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Bug#540060: error in pgadmin3

Gerfried Fuchs ha scritto:
>  Beg your pardon, but that sounds rather like the ABI of wxwidgets2.8
> has changed - and then it's not pgadmin3's job to fix it, rather the
> library should bump its compatibility level, not?
>  Can this please get investigated properly? I don't object to a
> scheduled binNMU of pgadmin3 (given that there won't be any source
> changes needed), but if wxwidgets2.8 changes its ABI/API it shouldn't do
> that in disguise.

You are right, but I don't think my small patch[1] introduced in the latest
security/QA upload caused an API breakage...

_ZN21wxMemoryFSHandlerBase19AddFileWithMimeTypeERK8wxStringPKvjS2_@WXU_2.8  and

I have no idea... Is it possible that something changed with symbol mangling in
latest gcc-4.3 version?



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