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Bug#314607: dict-devil: typo in entry for "lord"

Hi Sven,

Thanks for your interest in this!

On Sat, Jul 25, 2009 at 09:37:25AM +0200, Sven Joachim wrote:
> I am going to adopt the dict-devil package.
> On 2005-06-17 14:19 +0200, Ron wrote:
> > Thanks for maintaining this package, and please do keep an eye out
> > for the other 850+ definitions should they become available to us. :-)
> Do you know whether the enlarged version is in the public domain now?
> And if it can be found somewhere?  I was not able to locate an online
> version of it so far.

No I don't unfortunately.  I had a bit of a search around too, and mostly
could only find online references to an even newer reprint than the one
we first saw this in :(

If you are interested in chasing this up, you might like to have a chat
to the fellow who maintains this site: http://www.fromoldbooks.org
He doesn't appear to have a copy listed there either, but he may know
someone who does have one that's old enough for our purposes.

If you open up the javascript foldy-thing under "Online Reference Books"
he does have some rather amazing ancient dictionaries though, which it
would be absolutely awesome to have available in dict format too ...


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