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Bug#521238: stardic: Bus error on AMD64

On Sun, Jul 19, 2009 at 02:07:38PM +0200, Andrew Lee wrote:
 > LIU Qi wrote:
 > > I just found that the dictionary from stardic in stardict format could
 > > be downloaded. Please refer to this:
 > > http://stardict.sourceforge.net/Dictionaries_zh_CN.php
 > > (stardict1.3 dictionary(en - zh_CN))
 > > Also there are lots of GPL licensed dictionaries in this webpage. You
 > > could package them. Thanks.
 > Cool! That gives you less work! :)
 > I am getting more and more work on LXDE packages. Would you mind to help
 > to maintain this stardict-dictionary package since it's zh_CN only?
ok. I will upload this package in several days. Also I could help to
maintain the stardict package if you do not have enough time. Thanks for
your asking.




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