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Bug#521238: stardic: Bus error on AMD64

2009/7/17 LIU Qi <liuqi82@gmail.com>:

>  > LIU Qi, if you have time, could you try it as well? Would you be
>  > interested in adopting stardic?
>  >
> I would like to adopt this package, but as far as I known little people
> still use this package any more, because in fact the package stardict
> is the newer version of stardic. I think the package stardic should be
> removed.
> Tong Sun: What do you think about removing the package stardic?

Yes, 2nd to that.

I started to use stardic when stardict was unavailable for my Etch,
and get used to it.

Now that stardict is mature enough and available in all Debian
versions, it is time to retire stardic.


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