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Bug#533361: Xcftools 1.0.5 fixes #533361 and other bugs

> Good, I've prepared a QA upload to fix this serious bug. CC'ing
> debian-qa to get attention of possible sponsors.

> http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/x/xcftools/xcftools_1.0.5-1.dsc

Oops, hold that thought. There's already an 1.0.6, upstream source at

It fixes two completely unrelated bugs that I ran into mere hours
after releasing 1.0.5. It also changes license terms from GPL2 to
Publid Domain.

Such flurry of activity after 2+ years of stasis ...

Thanks, Jan, for taking hand of this.

Henning Makholm                     "The practical reason for continuing our
                                  system is the same as the practical reason
                          for continuing anything: It works satisfactorily."

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