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Bug#506703: new version (0.1.22) for amavis-stats

Gokdeniz Karadag wrote:

I can test the package. Where can I find it ?

- Gokdeniz Karadag

Barry deFreese demis ki::

I have a package of 0.1.22 ready to go but I am not overly familiar with
using it.  Is there any chance you could do some testing for me?


Barry deFreese
Debian QA


Thanks. I have put the .deb here for now: http://people.debian.org/~bdefreese/amavis-stats/amavis-stats_0.1.22-1_all.deb

Unfortunately it isn't apt-gettable so you will have to wget and use dpkg -i. If you don't know how to do that, please let me know. I'm sure there is some extraneous stuff in the package since the way it is configured seems to have changed significantly. In fact the apache.conf file that is shipped is probably no good anymore as well as the cronjob probably needs modification. Any help/suggestions you could give there would be greatly appreciated.



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