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Bug#517866: closed by Marco Rodrigues <gothicx@sapo.pt> (mped has been removed from Debian, closing #517866)


This is an automatic notification regarding your Bug report
which was filed against the mped package:

#517866: ncursesw UI support not compiled. "No usable driver found; exiting."

It has been closed by Marco Rodrigues <gothicx@sapo.pt>.

The removal of the 5.x package seems to have been a mistake. I talked to Joerg Jaspert and he recommended a reupload, which Barry deFreese kindly did. In the process he changed the build depends to include both libncurses5-dev and libncursesw5-dev as both seem to be necessary. He said in IRC "It seems to need libcurses-dev to find curses.h but then actually links against libncursesw". This is probably a bug in its own right, but it would be minor or wishlist.

Anyway, this new version has made its way into unstable and testing and I can report that it does indeed fix this bug, #517866. I haven't found a way to force mped to use the ncurses interface if the GTK one is available, but again this would be a separate bug or feature request.

Thank you to everyone involved in getting version 5 into Debian with this bug fixed.

Best regards,

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