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Bug#518858: tnftp: FTBFS: 'ARG_MAX' undeclared

tags 518858 +patch

A bit of grepping determined the following

linux/limits.h defines an ARG_MAX
however the various headers that include linux/limits.h explicitly state that the version from the linux kernel headers is wrong and explicitly undefine it.

/usr/include/bits/xopen_lim.h states
"Please note only the values which are not greater than the minimum
  stated in the standard document are listed.  The `sysconf' functions
  should be used to obtain the actual value."


"/* We do not provide fixed values for

  ARG_MAX        Maximum length of argument to the `exec' function
       including environment data. "

I took this as a hint, read the sysconf manpage and replaced "ARG_MAX" with "sysconf(_SC_ARG_MAX)" in libnetbsd/glob.c . This made the package build sucessfully (I have not tested if it works though)

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