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Bug#425565: missing information from error message

Hi Martin,

> razor writes to syslog:
>   reporter: razor2 report failed: No such file or directory report
>   requires authentication at
>   /usr/share/perl5/Mail/SpamAssassin/Plugin/Razor2.pm line 170. at
>   /usr/share/perl5 /Mail/SpamAssassin/Plugin/Razor2.pm line 318.


> Lately, I am seeing a lot of:
>   reporter: razor2 report failed: reporter: razor2 had unknown error
>   during authenticate at
>   /usr/share/perl5/Mail/SpamAssassin/Plugin/Razor2.pm line 217,
>   <GEN1344> line 1. at
>   /usr/share/perl5/Mail/SpamAssassin/Plugin/Razor2.pm line 326.

I think in this case spamassassin writes to syslog, not razor (and perhaps... is
this a razor spamassassin plugin bug ?).

> It'd be nice to see this resolved. Every time I see the message,

I'm also using spamassassin with razor in my mail server, but I haven't those

> I am even more tempted to just kick razor and go rant about the
> quality of its implementation, which, based on the error message,
> must be, uh, well, you know...

Oh yes, I know :)


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