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Bug#517866: ncursesw UI support not compiled. "No usable driver found; exiting."

Package: mped
Version: 5.1.1-1

The package description states that "Minimum Profit is a curses/GTK text editor for programmers."  Running "mped" from Konsole (the X terminal from KDE) loads the GTK version of mped and it seems to work, but running the same command on a text-only virtual terminal (Ctrl+Alt+F1) I get:

foo@bar:~$ mped
No usable driver found; exiting.

Grepping the mped source, I see that this message is specified on line 1013 of mp_core.c in the following "if" statement:

    if (!TRY_DRIVERS()) {
        printf("No usable driver found; exiting.\n");

and "#define TRY_DRIVERS()" is created in config.h by config.sh based on the value of $DRIVERS in that script.

Looking at the build log for mped, there is the output from config.sh :

Testing for win32... No
Testing for ncursesw... No
Testing for KDE4... No
Testing for GTK... OK (2.0)

Configured drivers: gtk

where "Testing for ncursesw..." is line 198 of config.sh and the subsequent "No" is line 218, which is inside the "else" cases of two nested "if"s.

The first "if" checks the value of $WITHOUT_CURSES (and it would print "Disabled" if the ncurses interface had been deliberately deactivated) and the second "if" checks the return value of:

$CC $TMP_CFLAGS .tmp.c $TMP_LDFLAGS -o .tmp.o 2>> .config.log

which probably expands to:

gcc -I/usr/local/include .tmp.c -L/usr/local/lib -lncursesw -o .tmp.o 2>> .config.log

It is this command which is failing, leading to the "No" being printed and $DRIVERS not including "ncursesw".

The build log also contains the line:

Build-Depends: debhelper (>= 5.0.0), libgtk2.0-dev, libncurses5-dev

so maybe the build-depends should be libncursesw5-dev instead.

Perhaps looking in .config.log would also provide some useful information.

Best regards,
Edwin Taylor

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