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d4x - es.po


I don't know if this may be of any interest for you, so I will be brief. I just discovered that d4x is not longer being maintained by it's author, but I have already updated the Spanish localization for this program. Because I am a debian user, I am sending the file to you. The effort will be worth if I am not the only person in the word using this localization.

I don't know how the future looks for d4x, but for sure it won't be worse than when you removed xmms from your repositories, damn you! (just joking ;-)

Sincerely yours.


# translation of es.po to Spanish
# Traduccion al Español del WebDownloader / Spanish WebDownloader translation
# Vicente Aguilar <vaguilar@linuxfreak.com> http://pagina.de/bisente
# Gustavo D. Vranjes <gvranjes@SoftHome.net>
# Félix Medrano Sanz <xukosky@yahoo.es>
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: es\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2006-04-09 21:34+0400\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2007-07-22 12:45+0200\n"
"Last-Translator: \n"
"Language-Team:  <es@li.org>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"X-Generator: KBabel 1.11.4\n"

#: main/alt.cc:259
msgid "Add new alternate"
msgstr "Añadir nueva alternativa"

#: main/alt.cc:344
msgid "Modify alternate"
msgstr "Modificar alternativa"

#: main/client.cc:442
msgid "Timeout while reading from socket!"
msgstr "¡Superado el tiempo de espera al leer el socket!"

#: main/client.cc:447
msgid "Error while reading from socket!"
msgstr "¡Error al leer del socket!"

#: main/client.cc:456
#, c-format
msgid "Trying to connect to %s:%i..."
msgstr "Intentando conectar a %s:%i..."

#: main/client.cc:458
msgid "Socket was opened!"
msgstr "¡Socket abierto!"

#: main/client.cc:463
msgid "Host not found!"
msgstr "¡Servidor no encontrado!"

#: main/client.cc:468
msgid "Can't allocate socket"
msgstr "No se puede asignar socket"

#: main/client.cc:473
msgid "Can't connect"
msgstr "No se puede conectar"

#: main/config.cc:79
msgid "You forgot to specify directory."
msgstr "Olvidaste especificar directorio."

#: main/config.cc:81
msgid "You must specify number as second parameter for '-m' option"
msgstr "Debes especificar un número como segundo parámetro para la opción '-m'"

#: main/config.cc:85
msgid "You must specify number as parameter for '--exit-time' option"
msgstr "Debes especificar un número como parámetro para la opción '--exit-time'"

#: main/config.cc:86
msgid "Expect URL as parameter for '--ls' option"
msgstr "Se espera una URL como parámetro para la opción '--ls'"

#: main/config.cc:88
msgid "Expect URL as parameter for '--del' option"
msgstr "Se espera una URL como parámetro para la opción '--del'"

#: main/config.cc:89
msgid "Expect string in format WIDTHxHEIGHT+X+Y as parameter for '-geometry'"
msgstr "Se espera una cadena con formato ANCHOxALTO+X+Y como parámetro para -geometry'"

#: main/config.cc:90
msgid "Expect URL as parameter for '--stop' option"
msgstr "Se espera una URL como parámetro para la opción '--stop'"

#: main/config.cc:92
msgid "Expect URL as parameter for '--referer' option"
msgstr "Se espera una URL como parámetro para la opción --referer'"

#: main/config.cc:94
msgid "Expect URL as parameter for '-a' option"
msgstr "Se espera una URL como parámetro para la opción '-a'"

#: main/config.cc:95
msgid "Expect at least one URL as parameter for '--al' option"
msgstr "Se espera al menos una URL como parámetro para la opción '--al'"

#: main/config.cc:287
#, c-format
msgid "Can't open cfg file at '%s'\n"
msgstr "No se puede abrir el archivo de configuración en '%s'\n"

#: main/config.cc:288
msgid "Use default cfg :))...\n"
msgstr "Utilizar configuración por defecto :))...\n"

#: main/config.cc:519
msgid "unknown option:"
msgstr "opción desconocida:"

#: main/config.cc:593
msgid "List of queues:\n"
msgstr "Lista de colas:\n"

#: main/config.cc:682
#, c-format
msgid "Run downloads: %d\n"
msgstr "Ejecutar descargas: %d\n"

#: main/config.cc:684
#, c-format
msgid "Paused downloads: %d\n"
msgstr "Pausar descargas: %d\n"

#: main/config.cc:686
#, c-format
msgid "Failed downloads: %d\n"
msgstr "Error en descargas: %d\n"

#: main/config.cc:688
#, c-format
msgid "Completed downloads: %d\n"
msgstr "Descargas completadas: %d\n"

#: main/config.cc:691
#, c-format
msgid "Total: %d\n"
msgstr "Total: %d\n"

#: main/config.cc:693
#, c-format
msgid "Total bytes loaded: %d\n"
msgstr "Bytes totales cargados: %d\n"

#: main/config.cc:695
#, c-format
msgid "Current speed: %d\n"
msgstr "Velocidad actual: %d\n"

#: main/config.cc:701
#, c-format
msgid "Curent speed: %d\n"
msgstr "Velocidad actual: %d\n"

#: main/config.cc:851
msgid "Added from command line"
msgstr "Añadido desde línea de comandos"

#: main/config.cc:946
msgid "Usage: nt [OPTION] ... [URL]"
msgstr "Uso: nt [OPCIÃ?N] ... [URL]"

#: main/config.cc:947
msgid "print this page and exit"
msgstr "mostrar esta página y salir"

#: main/config.cc:948
msgid "show version information and exit"
msgstr "mostrar información de versión y salir"

#: main/config.cc:949
msgid "show information if already run"
msgstr "mostrar información si ya ejecutado"

#: main/config.cc:950
msgid "show current speed if already run"
msgstr "mostrar velocidad actual si ya ejecutado"

#: main/config.cc:951
msgid "run in minimized mode"
msgstr "ejecutar en modo minimizado"

#: main/config.cc:952
msgid "set timeout for exiting if nothing to do"
msgstr "establecer tiempo antes de salir si nada que hacer"

#: main/config.cc:953
msgid "set directory for saving files"
msgstr "establecer directorio para archivos guardados"

#: main/config.cc:954
msgid "set lower speed limitation"
msgstr "establecer límite de velocidad bajo"

#: main/config.cc:955
msgid "set medium speed limitation"
msgstr "establecer límite de velocidad medio"

#: main/config.cc:956
msgid "set unlimited speed"
msgstr "establecer velocidad ilimitada"

#: main/config.cc:957
msgid "delete completed if already run"
msgstr "borrar completadas si ya ejecutado"

#: main/config.cc:958
msgid "set maximum active downloads"
msgstr "establecer descargas máximas activas"

#: main/config.cc:959
msgid "restart all failed downloads"
msgstr "reiniciar todas las descargas fallidas"

#: main/config.cc:960
msgid "run program without X interface"
msgstr "ejecutar programa sin interfaz X"

#: main/config.cc:961
msgid "display info about URL in queue of downloads"
msgstr "mostrar información sobre URL en cola de descargas"

#: main/config.cc:962
msgid "change current default queue"
msgstr "cambiar cola por defecto actual"

#: main/config.cc:963
msgid "remove a download from queue"
msgstr "borrar descarga de la cola"

#: main/config.cc:964
msgid "stop a download"
msgstr "parar una descarga"

#: main/config.cc:965
msgid "using colors if run without interface"
msgstr "utilizar colores al ejecutar sin interfaz"

#: main/config.cc:966
msgid "specifies preferred size and position of main window"
msgstr "especifica tamaño preferido y posición de ventana principal"

#: main/config.cc:967
msgid "specify rerferer for next added URL"
msgstr "especifica referencia para siguiente URL añadida"

#: main/config.cc:968
msgid "open \"Add new download\" dialog for the URL"
msgstr "abrir diálogo \"Añadir nueva descarga\" para la URL"

#: main/cookie.cc:296
msgid "Loading cookies"
msgstr "Cargando cookies"

#: main/cookie.cc:302
#, c-format
msgid "%i cookies loaded from browsers' files"
msgstr "%i cookies cargadas desde archivos de navegadores"

#: main/cookie.cc:304
#, c-format
msgid "Can't open cookies file %s!"
msgstr "¡No se puede abrir el archivo de cookies %s!"

#: main/cookie.cc:314
#, c-format
msgid "%i cookies loaded"
msgstr "%i cookies cargadas"

#: main/dlist.cc:121
msgid "Can't write to file"
msgstr "No se puede escribir a archivo"

#: main/dlist.cc:148
msgid "File is already opened by another download!"
msgstr "¡Archivo ya abierto por otra descarga!"

#: main/dlist.cc:151
msgid "Filesystem do not support advisory record locking!"
msgstr "¡El sistema de archivos no soporta bloqueo de consulta!"

#: main/dlist.cc:152
msgid "Will proceed without it but beware that you might have problems."
msgstr "Seguiremos sin él pero podría causar algunos problemas."

#: main/dlist.cc:385
#, c-format
msgid "You have no permissions to create file at path %s"
msgstr "No tienes permisos para crear un archivo en la ruta %s"

#: main/dlist.cc:390
#, c-format
msgid "You have no space at path %s for creating file"
msgstr "No tienes espacio en la ruta %s para crear un archivo"

#: main/dlist.cc:395
msgid "Directory already created!:))"
msgstr "¡Directorio ya creado! :))"

#: main/dlist.cc:505
msgid "Trying to create a link"
msgstr "Intentando crear un enlace"

#: main/dlist.cc:510
msgid "Link already created!:))"
msgstr "¡Enlace ya creado! :))"

#: main/dlist.cc:516
msgid "Can't create link"
msgstr "No se puede crear el enlace"

#: main/dlist.cc:525
msgid "Trying to create a file"
msgstr "Intentando crear un archivo"

#: main/dlist.cc:546
msgid "Can't create file at the path:"
msgstr "No se puede crear el archivo en la ruta:"

#: main/dlist.cc:548
msgid "which has name:"
msgstr "que tiene nombre:"

#: main/dlist.cc:559
msgid "File was created!"
msgstr "¡El archivo fue creado!"

#: main/dlist.cc:564
msgid "Trying to create a dir"
msgstr "Intentando crear un directorio"

#: main/dlist.cc:574
msgid "Can't create directory!"
msgstr "¡No se puede crear el directorio!"

#: main/dlist.cc:584
msgid "Downloader can't create devices..."
msgstr "No se pueden crear los dispositivos..."

#: main/dlist.cc:1027
#, c-format
msgid "Trying to copy %s to %s due 'Content-Disposition'"
msgstr "Intentando copiar de %s a %s por 'Disposición-Contenido'"

#: main/dlist.cc:1030
msgid "Error during copying!"
msgstr "¡Error durante la copia!"

#: main/dlist.cc:1064
msgid "Downloading was successefully completed!"
msgstr "¡La descarga se completó correctamente!"

#: main/dlist.cc:1113
msgid "Downloading was failed..."
msgstr "Error en la descarga..."

#: main/dlist.cc:1277
msgid "Redirection blocked by filter"
msgstr "Redirección bloqueada por filtro"

#: main/dlist.cc:1281
msgid "Redirect detected..."
msgstr "Redirección detectada..."

#: main/dlist.cc:1285 main/dlist.cc:1298
msgid "Size detection only!"
msgstr "¡Sólo detección de tamaño!"

#: main/dlist.cc:1348
msgid ""
"Multithreaded downloading is not possible due to server limitations "
"(resuming not supported)"
msgstr "Descarga multihilo no es posible por las limitaciones del servidor (no soporta reanudación)"

#: main/dlist.cc:1359
msgid "Local file is seems to be equal to remote one"
msgstr "El archivo local parece igual al remoto"

#: main/dlist.cc:1380
msgid "It is strange that we can't delete file which just created..."
msgstr "Es raro que no podamos borrar el archivo que acabamos de crear..."

#: main/dlist.cc:1384 main/dlist.cc:1629
msgid "File not found"
msgstr "Archivo no encontrado"

#: main/dlist.cc:1456
msgid "Sorting started"
msgstr "Ordenación comenzada"

#: main/dlist.cc:1459
#, c-format
msgid "Pinging (atempt %i of %i)"
msgstr "Haciendo ping (intento %i de %i)"

#: main/dlist.cc:1485
msgid "Trying to determine filesizes"
msgstr "Intentando determinar tamaño de archivos"

#: main/dlist.cc:1537
msgid "Searching failed"
msgstr "Búsqueda fallida"

#: main/dlist.cc:1594
msgid "Search had been completed!"
msgstr "¡Se ha completado la búsqueda!"

#: main/dlist.cc:1600
msgid "Was Started!"
msgstr "¡Se comenzó!"

#: main/dlist.cc:1609
msgid "It is a link and we already load it"
msgstr "Es un enlace que ya cargamos"

#: main/dlist.cc:1634
msgid "Trying to work without CWD"
msgstr "Intentando trabajar sin CWD"

#: main/dlist.cc:1767
msgid "Can't split file to specified number of parts!"
msgstr "¡No se puede separar en las partes indicadas!"

#: main/download.cc:34
msgid "Maximum number of retries reached!"
msgstr "¡Alcanzado el número máximo de intentos!"

#: main/download.cc:39
#, c-format
msgid "Retry %i of %i...."
msgstr "Reintento %i de %i...."

#: main/download.cc:41
#, c-format
msgid "Retry %i ..."
msgstr "Reintento %i ..."

#: main/download.cc:45
msgid "File on a server is newer then local one. Restarting from begin\n"
msgstr "El archivo del servidor es más nuevo que el local. Reiniciando\n"

#: main/download.cc:49
#, c-format
msgid "Error code %i"
msgstr "Error código %i"

#: main/download.cc:50
msgid "Warning! Probably you found the BUG!!!"
msgstr "¡Aviso! Probablemente encontraste el BUG!!!"

#: main/download.cc:51
msgid "If you see this message please report to mdem@chat.ru"
msgstr "Si ves este mensaje por favor informa a mdem@chat.ru"

#: main/face/about.cc:142
msgid "About"
msgstr "Acerca de"

#: main/face/about.cc:154
msgid "Author: Maxim Koshelev"
msgstr "Autor: Maxim Koshelev"

#: main/face/about.cc:156
msgid "Autoconf, ideas: Zaufi"
msgstr "Autoconf, ideas: Zaufi"

#: main/face/about.cc:157
msgid "Translators team"
msgstr "Equipo de traductores"

#: main/face/about.cc:181
msgid "Special thanks to"
msgstr "Gracias especiales a"

#: main/face/about.cc:312
msgid "Don't ask next time"
msgstr "No preguntes la próxima vez"

#: main/face/addd.cc:93 main/face/addd.cc:242
msgid "Add new download"
msgstr "Añadir nueva descarga"

#: main/face/addd.cc:181 main/face/dndtrash.cc:630
msgid "Automated adding"
msgstr "Añadir automáticamente"

#: main/face/buttons.cc:54
msgid " Add new download "
msgstr " Añadir nueva descarga "

#: main/face/buttons.cc:55
msgid " Paste from clipboard "
msgstr " Pegar del portapapeles "

#: main/face/buttons.cc:56
msgid " Del downloads "
msgstr " Borrar descargas "

#: main/face/buttons.cc:57
msgid " Stop downloads "
msgstr " Parar descargas "

#: main/face/buttons.cc:58
msgid " Continue/restart downloads "
msgstr " Continuar/reiniciar descargas "

#: main/face/buttons.cc:59
msgid " Del Completed downloads "
msgstr " Borrar descargas completas "

#: main/face/buttons.cc:60
msgid " Move up "
msgstr " Mover arriba "

#: main/face/buttons.cc:61
msgid " Move down "
msgstr " Mover abajo "

#: main/face/buttons.cc:62
msgid " View log "
msgstr " Ver registro "

#: main/face/buttons.cc:63 main/face/buttons.cc:242
msgid " Speed level one "
msgstr " Velocidad nivel uno "

#: main/face/buttons.cc:64 main/face/buttons.cc:245
msgid " Speed level two "
msgstr "Velocidad nivel dos "

#: main/face/buttons.cc:65
msgid " Unlimited speed "
msgstr " Velocidad ilimitada "

#: main/face/buttons.cc:66
msgid " Options "
msgstr " Opciones "

#: main/face/buttons.cc:67
msgid " Delete all downloads "
msgstr " Borrar todas las descargas "

#: main/face/buttons.cc:68
msgid " Save list "
msgstr " Guardar lista "

#: main/face/buttons.cc:69
msgid " Load list "
msgstr " Cargar lista "

#: main/face/buttons.cc:70
msgid " DnD basket "
msgstr " Cesta DnD "

#: main/face/buttons.cc:71
msgid " Switch percentage mode to"
msgstr " Cambiar modo de porcentaje a"

#: main/face/buttons.cc:72
msgid " Configure buttons "
msgstr " Configurar botones "

#: main/face/buttons.cc:231
msgid "Delete ALL downloads?"
msgstr "¿Borrar TODAS las descargas?"

#: main/face/buttons.cc:231
msgid "Delete all?"
msgstr "¿Borrar todo?"

#: main/face/columns.cc:21
msgid "status"
msgstr "estado"

#: main/face/columns.cc:22
msgid "file name"
msgstr "nombre de archivo"

#: main/face/columns.cc:23
msgid "type of file"
msgstr "tipo de archivo"

#: main/face/columns.cc:24
msgid "size of file"
msgstr "tamaño de archivo"

#: main/face/columns.cc:25
msgid "downloaded size"
msgstr "tamaño descargado"

#: main/face/columns.cc:26
msgid "rest"
msgstr "resto"

#: main/face/columns.cc:27
msgid "percent"
msgstr "porcentaje"

#: main/face/columns.cc:28
msgid "speed"
msgstr "velocidad"

#: main/face/columns.cc:29
msgid "elapsed time"
msgstr "tiempo transcurrido"

#: main/face/columns.cc:30
msgid "estimated time"
msgstr "tiempo estimado"

#: main/face/columns.cc:31
msgid "time of pause"
msgstr "tiempo de pausa"

#: main/face/columns.cc:32
msgid "number of attempts"
msgstr "número de intentos"

#: main/face/columns.cc:33
msgid "description"
msgstr "descripción"

#: main/face/columns.cc:34 main/face/lod.cc:55 main/face/mywidget.cc:1112
#: main/face/mywidget.cc:1391
msgid "URL"
msgstr "URL"

#: main/face/columns.cc:72
msgid "Showed columns"
msgstr "Columnas mostradas"

#: main/face/dndtrash.cc:398
msgid "DnD basket"
msgstr "Cesta DnD"

#: main/face/dndtrash.cc:531
msgid "Drop link here"
msgstr "Soltar enlace aquí"

#: main/face/dndtrash.cc:575
msgid "Offline"
msgstr "Desconectado"

#: main/face/dndtrash.cc:575 main/face/dndtrash.cc:636
msgid "Online"
msgstr "Conectado"

#: main/face/dndtrash.cc:627 main/face/list.cc:490 main/face/lod.cc:49
msgid "Speed"
msgstr "_Velocidad"

#: main/face/dndtrash.cc:628
msgid "New Download"
msgstr "Nueva descarga"

#: main/face/dndtrash.cc:629
msgid "Paste Download"
msgstr "Pegar descarga"

#: main/face/dndtrash.cc:631 main/face/lmenu.cc:209
msgid "Delete completed"
msgstr "Borrar completadas"

#: main/face/dndtrash.cc:632
msgid "General options"
msgstr "Opciones generales"

#: main/face/dndtrash.cc:633
msgid "Exit"
msgstr "Salir"

#: main/face/dndtrash.cc:639
msgid "Low"
msgstr "Baja"

#: main/face/dndtrash.cc:640
msgid "Medium"
msgstr "Media"

#: main/face/dndtrash.cc:641
msgid "Unlimited"
msgstr "Ilimitada"

#: main/face/edit.cc:65 main/face/edit.cc:453
msgid "Use password for this site"
msgstr "Utilizar contraseña para este dominio"

#: main/face/edit.cc:66 main/face/edit.cc:420
msgid "Save download to folder"
msgstr "Guardar descarga a carpeta"

#: main/face/edit.cc:67 main/face/edit.cc:480
msgid "Restart this download from begining"
msgstr "Reiniciar esta descarga desde el principio"

#: main/face/edit.cc:68
msgid "Timeout for reading from socket"
msgstr "Superado el tiempo de espera al leer el socket"

#: main/face/edit.cc:69
msgid "Speed limitation"
msgstr "Limitación de velocidad"

#: main/face/edit.cc:70
msgid "Maximum attempts"
msgstr "Máximo de intentos"

#: main/face/edit.cc:71
msgid "Timeout before reconnection"
msgstr "Espera para reconexión"

#: main/face/edit.cc:72
msgid "Rollback after reconnecting"
msgstr "Restaurar tras reconectar"

#: main/face/edit.cc:73 main/face/edit.cc:552 main/face/prefs.cc:248
msgid "Get date from the server"
msgstr "Obtener fecha del servidor"

#: main/face/edit.cc:74 main/face/edit.cc:556 main/face/prefs.cc:252
msgid "Retry if resuming is not supported"
msgstr "Reintentar si no se permite reanudar"

#: main/face/edit.cc:75 main/face/edit.cc:547
msgid "Number of parts for spliting this download"
msgstr "Número de partes para separar esta descarga"

#: main/face/edit.cc:76 main/face/edit.cc:594 main/face/prefs.cc:353
msgid "Use passive mode for FTP"
msgstr "Utilizar modo FTP pasivo"

#: main/face/edit.cc:77 main/face/edit.cc:600 main/face/prefs.cc:361
msgid "Get permissions of the file from server (FTP only)"
msgstr "Obtener permisos de archivo desde servidor (sólo FTP)"

#: main/face/edit.cc:78 main/face/edit.cc:597 main/face/prefs.cc:357
msgid "Don't send QUIT command (FTP)"
msgstr "No enviar comando QUIT (FTP)"

#: main/face/edit.cc:79 main/face/edit.cc:615 main/face/prefs.cc:377
msgid "Put directories on the top of queue during recursion"
msgstr "Poner directorios al principio de la cola en la recursión"

#: main/face/edit.cc:80 main/face/edit.cc:564 main/face/prefs.cc:268
msgid "Compare date/time of remote file with local one"
msgstr "Comparar fecha/hora de archivo remoto con local"

#: main/face/edit.cc:81 main/face/edit.cc:560 main/face/prefs.cc:256
msgid "Sleep before completing"
msgstr "Dormir antes de terminar"

#: main/face/edit.cc:82 main/face/edit.cc:603 main/face/prefs.cc:365
msgid "Follow symbolic links"
msgstr "Seguir enlaces simbólicos"

#: main/face/edit.cc:83
msgid "Depth of recursing for FTP"
msgstr "Profundidad de la recursión por FTP"

#: main/face/edit.cc:84
msgid "Depth of recursing for HTTP"
msgstr "Profundidad de la recursión por HTTP"

#: main/face/edit.cc:85 main/face/edit.cc:643 main/face/prefs.cc:455
msgid "Only subdirs"
msgstr "Sólo subdirectorios"

#: main/face/edit.cc:86 main/face/edit.cc:644 main/face/prefs.cc:456
msgid "Allow leave this server while recursing via HTTP"
msgstr "Permitir abandonar el servidor durante la recursión HTTP"

#: main/face/edit.cc:87 main/face/edit.cc:645 main/face/prefs.cc:457
msgid "Change links in HTML file to local"
msgstr "Cambiar enlaces en archivo HTML a local"

#: main/face/edit.cc:88 main/face/edit.cc:646 main/face/prefs.cc:458
msgid "Ignore ETag field in reply"
msgstr "Ignorar el campo ETag al responder"

#: main/face/edit.cc:89 main/face/edit.cc:647
msgid "Use '_' instead of '?' in stored filenames"
msgstr "Utilizar '_' en lugar de '?' en nombres guardados"

#: main/face/edit.cc:90 main/face/edit.cc:673 main/face/prefs.cc:476
msgid "User-Agent"
msgstr "Agente de usuario"

#: main/face/edit.cc:91 main/face/edit.cc:682
msgid "Referer"
msgstr "Referencia"

#: main/face/edit.cc:92 main/face/edit.cc:693
msgid "Cookie"
msgstr "Cookie"

#: main/face/edit.cc:93 main/face/edit.cc:798 main/face/edit.cc:801
#: main/face/prefs.cc:512 main/face/prefs.cc:1326 main/face/prefs.cc:1460
msgid "Proxy"
msgstr "Proxy"

#: main/face/edit.cc:94 main/face/edit.cc:716 main/face/edit.cc:759
#: main/face/fsched.cc:199 main/face/lod.cc:50
msgid "Time"
msgstr "Hora"

#: main/face/edit.cc:182 main/face/edit.cc:201
msgid "Edit download"
msgstr "Editar descarga"

#: main/face/edit.cc:419 main/face/lod.cc:54
msgid "Description"
msgstr "Descripción"

#: main/face/edit.cc:421
msgid "Save download to file"
msgstr "Guardar descarga a archivo"

#: main/face/edit.cc:422 main/face/edit.cc:1573 main/face/edit.cc:1634
#: main/face/edit.cc:1671 main/face/mywidget.cc:1447
msgid "password"
msgstr "contraseña"

#: main/face/edit.cc:423
msgid "user name"
msgstr "usuario"

#: main/face/edit.cc:426
msgid "Default"
msgstr "Por defecto"

#: main/face/edit.cc:436
msgid "CP1251->UTF8"
msgstr "CP1251->UTF8"

#: main/face/edit.cc:472
msgid "Connections limit:"
msgstr "Límite de conexiones:"

#: main/face/edit.cc:479 main/face/prefs.cc:264
msgid "Pause this just after adding"
msgstr "Pausar tras añadir"

#: main/face/edit.cc:485
msgid "Add to top of queue"
msgstr "Añadir al principio de la cola"

#: main/face/edit.cc:498 main/face/lod.cc:288 main/face/prefs.cc:246
#: main/face/prefs.cc:1317 main/face/prefs.cc:1402
msgid "Download"
msgstr "Descarga"

#: main/face/edit.cc:501 main/face/prefs.cc:743 main/face/prefs.cc:1308
#: main/face/prefs.cc:1571
msgid "Main"
msgstr "Principal"

#: main/face/edit.cc:517 main/face/prefs.cc:305
msgid "Timeout for reading from socket (in seconds)"
msgstr "Tiempo de espera al leer del socket (en segundos)"

#: main/face/edit.cc:523 main/face/prefs.cc:311
msgid "Timeout before reconnection (in seconds)"
msgstr "Tiempo de espera para reconectar (en segundos)"

#: main/face/edit.cc:529 main/face/prefs.cc:317
msgid "Maximum attempts (0 for unlimited)"
msgstr "Intentos máximos (0 para ilimitado)"

#: main/face/edit.cc:535 main/face/prefs.cc:323
msgid "Rollback after reconnecting (in bytes)"
msgstr "Restauración tras reconectar (en bytes)"

#: main/face/edit.cc:541 main/face/prefs.cc:329
msgid "Speed limitation in Bytes/sec (0 for unlimited)"
msgstr "Limitación de velocidad en Bytes/sec (0 para ilimitado)"

#: main/face/edit.cc:568
msgid "Save log to file"
msgstr "Guardar registro en archivo"

#: main/face/edit.cc:577
msgid "Auto"
msgstr "Automático"

#: main/face/edit.cc:584 main/face/edit.cc:587
msgid "Common"
msgstr "Común"

#: main/face/edit.cc:607 main/face/prefs.cc:369
msgid "Load links as links"
msgstr "Cargar enlaces como enlaces"

#: main/face/edit.cc:611 main/face/prefs.cc:373
msgid "Load links as file"
msgstr "Guardar enlaces como archivo"

#: main/face/edit.cc:621 main/face/edit.cc:638 main/face/prefs.cc:383
#: main/face/prefs.cc:470
msgid "Depth of recursing (0 unlimited,1 no recurse)"
msgstr "Profundidad de recursión (0 ilimitado, 1 sin recursión)"

#: main/face/edit.cc:664 main/face/prefs.cc:499
msgid "Filter"
msgstr "Filtro"

#: main/face/edit.cc:665 main/face/lod.cc:777 main/face/mywidget.cc:250
#: main/face/prefs.cc:500
msgid "Select"
msgstr "Seleccionar"

#: main/face/edit.cc:730
msgid "Hours"
msgstr "Horas"

#: main/face/edit.cc:738
msgid "Minutes"
msgstr "Minutos"

#: main/face/edit.cc:751
msgid "Start this downloading at:"
msgstr "Comenzar esta descarga en:"

#: main/face/edit.cc:811
msgid "Use default settings"
msgstr "Usar valores por defecto"

#: main/face/edit.cc:1507
msgid "FTP proxy type"
msgstr "Tipo de proxy FTP"

#: main/face/edit.cc:1518 main/face/mywidget.cc:1397
msgid "FTP (wingate)"
msgstr "FTP (wingate)"

#: main/face/edit.cc:1531
msgid "Use this proxy for FTP"
msgstr "Utilizar este proxy para FTP"

#: main/face/edit.cc:1546 main/face/edit.cc:1608 main/face/edit.cc:1654
#: main/face/mywidget.cc:1420
msgid "port"
msgstr "puerto"

#: main/face/edit.cc:1552 main/face/edit.cc:1613 main/face/mywidget.cc:1426
msgid "need password"
msgstr "necesita contraseña"

#: main/face/edit.cc:1560 main/face/edit.cc:1621 main/face/edit.cc:1665
#: main/face/mywidget.cc:1433
msgid "username"
msgstr "usuario"

#: main/face/edit.cc:1587
msgid "Don't get from cache"
msgstr "No obtener de caché"

#: main/face/edit.cc:1593
msgid "Use this proxy for HTTP"
msgstr "Utilizar este proxy para HTTP"

#: main/face/edit.cc:1641
msgid "Use SOCKS5 proxy"
msgstr "Utilizar proxy SOCKS5"

#: main/face/edit.cc:1647
msgid "host"
msgstr "servidor"

#: main/face/edit.cc:2027
msgid "Select properties"
msgstr "Seleccionar características"

#: main/face/edit.cc:2072
msgid "Unselect all"
msgstr "Quitar selección"

#: main/face/edit.cc:2078
msgid "Select all"
msgstr "Seleccionar todo"

#: main/face/filtrgui.cc:157 main/face/mywidget.cc:940
msgid "filter name"
msgstr "nombre de filtro"

#: main/face/filtrgui.cc:180 main/face/list.cc:1352
msgid "Filters"
msgstr "Filtros"

#: main/face/fsched.cc:33
msgid "limit speed"
msgstr "límitar velocidad"

#: main/face/fsched.cc:34
msgid "popup main window"
msgstr "ventana principal al frente"

#: main/face/fsched.cc:35
msgid "exit"
msgstr "salir"

#: main/face/fsched.cc:36
msgid "remove completed"
msgstr "borrar completadas"

#: main/face/fsched.cc:37
msgid "remove failed"
msgstr "borrar fallidas"

#: main/face/fsched.cc:38
msgid "restart download"
msgstr "reiniciar descarga"

#: main/face/fsched.cc:39
msgid "stop download"
msgstr "parar descarga"

#: main/face/fsched.cc:40
msgid "remove download"
msgstr "borrar descarga"

#: main/face/fsched.cc:41
msgid "remove download if completed"
msgstr "borrar descarga si completada"

#: main/face/fsched.cc:42
msgid "add download"
msgstr "añadir descarga"

#: main/face/fsched.cc:43
msgid "save list"
msgstr "guardar lista"

#: main/face/fsched.cc:44
msgid "execute command"
msgstr "ejecutar comando"

#: main/face/fsched.cc:199 main/face/fsched.cc:781
msgid "Action"
msgstr "Acción"

#: main/face/fsched.cc:199
msgid "Info"
msgstr "Información"

#: main/face/fsched.cc:235 main/face/list.cc:1353
msgid "Scheduler"
msgstr "Planificador"

#: main/face/fsched.cc:309 main/face/mywidget.cc:68
msgid "Select file"
msgstr "Seleccionar archivo"

#: main/face/fsched.cc:437
msgid "Command:"
msgstr "Comando:"

#: main/face/fsched.cc:441 main/face/fsched.cc:463 main/face/mywidget.cc:112
msgid "Browse"
msgstr "Navegar"

#: main/face/fsched.cc:459
msgid "Path:"
msgstr "Ruta:"

#: main/face/fsched.cc:478
msgid "This action has no properties"
msgstr "Esta acción no tiene características"

#: main/face/fsched.cc:726
msgid "Start time(hour:min:sec)"
msgstr "Hora de inicio (hora:min:seg)"

#: main/face/fsched.cc:753
msgid "Retry this action"
msgstr "Reintentar acción"

#: main/face/fsched.cc:761
msgid "times to repeat (-1 unlimited)"
msgstr "número de intentos (-1 ilimitado)"

#: main/face/fsched.cc:765
msgid "period (day/hour:min)"
msgstr "periodo (día/hora:min)"

#: main/face/fsched.cc:789 main/face/lmenu.cc:159 main/face/qtree.cc:489
#: main/mainlog.cc:200
msgid "Properties"
msgstr "Características"

#: main/face/fsched.cc:809
msgid "Edit scheduled action"
msgstr "Editar acción planificada"

#: main/face/fsface.cc:77
msgid "bytes"
msgstr "bytes"

#: main/face/fsface.cc:89
msgid "nothing found"
msgstr "nada encontrado"

#: main/face/fsface.cc:93
msgid "searching"
msgstr "buscando"

#: main/face/fsface.cc:102
msgid "reping"
msgstr "re-ping"

#: main/face/fsface.cc:106
msgid "cumulative reping"
msgstr "re-ping acumulativo"

#: main/face/fsface.cc:112
msgid "remove"
msgstr "borrar"

#: main/face/fsface.cc:207
msgid "Filename"
msgstr "Nombre de archivo"

#: main/face/fsface.cc:208 main/face/fsface.cc:282
msgid "Size"
msgstr "Tamaño"

#: main/face/fsface.cc:209
msgid "Count"
msgstr "Cuenta"

#: main/face/fsface.cc:250
msgid "Found during FTP-search"
msgstr "Encontrado en búsqueda FTP"

#: main/face/fsface.cc:272
msgid "Ping"
msgstr "Ping"

#: main/face/fsface.cc:292
msgid "Url"
msgstr "Url"

#: main/face/list.cc:486
msgid "_File"
msgstr "_Archivo"

#: main/face/list.cc:487
msgid "_Download"
msgstr "_Descarga"

#: main/face/list.cc:488
msgid "_Queue"
msgstr "_Cola"

#: main/face/list.cc:489
msgid "_Options"
msgstr "_Opciones"

#: main/face/list.cc:491
msgid "_Help"
msgstr "_Ayuda"

#: main/face/list.cc:492
msgid "_Save List"
msgstr "_Guardar lista"

#: main/face/list.cc:493
msgid "_Load List"
msgstr "_Cargar lista"

#: main/face/list.cc:494
msgid "_Find links in file"
msgstr "_Buscar enlaces en archivo"

#: main/face/list.cc:495
msgid "_New Download"
msgstr "_Nueva descarga"

#: main/face/list.cc:496
msgid "_Paste Download"
msgstr "_Pegar descarga"

#: main/face/list.cc:497
msgid "_Automated adding"
msgstr "_Añadir automáticamente"

#: main/face/list.cc:498
msgid "_Exit"
msgstr "_Salir"

#: main/face/list.cc:499
msgid "_View Log"
msgstr "_Ver registro"

#: main/face/list.cc:500
msgid "_Stop downloads"
msgstr "_Parar descargas"

#: main/face/list.cc:501
msgid "_Edit downloads"
msgstr "_Editar descargas"

#: main/face/list.cc:502
msgid "_Delete downloads"
msgstr "_Borrar descargas"

#: main/face/list.cc:503
msgid "_Continue downloads"
msgstr "_Continuar descargas"

#: main/face/list.cc:504
msgid "Delete Completed"
msgstr "Borrar c_ompletadas"

#: main/face/list.cc:505
msgid "Delete _Failed"
msgstr "Borrar _fallidas"

#: main/face/list.cc:506
msgid "_Rerun failed"
msgstr "_Reintentar fallidas"

#: main/face/list.cc:507 main/face/lmenu.cc:188
msgid "(Un)Protect"
msgstr "(Des)_Proteger"

#: main/face/list.cc:508
msgid "_Unselect All"
msgstr "_Quitar selección"

#: main/face/list.cc:509
msgid "Select _All"
msgstr "Seleccionar _todo"

#: main/face/list.cc:510
msgid "_Invert selection"
msgstr "_Invertir selección"

#: main/face/list.cc:511
msgid "_Create new queue"
msgstr "_Crear nueva cola"

#: main/face/list.cc:512
msgid "Create new _Subqueue"
msgstr "Crear nueva _subcola"

#: main/face/list.cc:513
msgid "_Remove this queue"
msgstr "_Eliminar esta cola"

#: main/face/list.cc:514
msgid "_Properties"
msgstr "_Características"

#: main/face/list.cc:515
msgid "_Scheduler"
msgstr "_Planificador"

#: main/face/list.cc:516
msgid "_URL-manager"
msgstr "Gestor de _URL"

#: main/face/list.cc:517
msgid "_General"
msgstr "_General"

#: main/face/list.cc:518
msgid "_Filters"
msgstr "_Filtros"

#: main/face/list.cc:519
msgid "_Buttons"
msgstr "_Botones"

#: main/face/list.cc:520
msgid "_About"
msgstr "_Acerca de"

#: main/face/list.cc:523
msgid "_Low"
msgstr "_Baja"

#: main/face/list.cc:524
msgid "_Medium"
msgstr "_Media"

#: main/face/list.cc:525
msgid "_Unlimited"
msgstr "_Ilimitada"

#: main/face/list.cc:870
msgid "Do you really want to quit?"
msgstr "¿Realmente quiere salir?"

#: main/face/list.cc:870
msgid "Quit?"
msgstr "¿Salir?"

#: main/face/list.cc:899
msgid "Delete selected downloads?"
msgstr "¿Borrar descargas seleccionadas?"

#: main/face/list.cc:899 main/face/list.cc:917 main/face/list.cc:935
msgid "Delete?"
msgstr "¿Borrar?"

#: main/face/list.cc:917
msgid "Do you wish delete completed downloads?"
msgstr "¿Quieres borrar las descargas completadas?"

#: main/face/list.cc:935
msgid "Do you wish delete failed downloads?"
msgstr "¿Quieres borrar las descargas fallidas?"

#: main/face/list.cc:982
msgid "Ready to go ????"
msgstr "¿¿¿ Estás preparado ???"

#: main/face/list.cc:1348 main/face/list.cc:1621
msgid "Downloads"
msgstr "Descargas"

#: main/face/list.cc:1349 main/face/list.cc:1397 main/face/prefs.cc:653
#: main/face/prefs.cc:1311 main/face/prefs.cc:1581
msgid "Main log"
msgstr "Registro principal"

#: main/face/list.cc:1350 main/face/passface.cc:425
msgid "URL-manager"
msgstr "Gestor de URL"

#: main/face/list.cc:1351 main/face/list.cc:1411
msgid "FTP-search"
msgstr "Búsqueda FTP"

#: main/face/list.cc:1415
msgid "Filename:"
msgstr "Nombre de archivo:"

#: main/face/list.cc:1579
msgid "Switch to online mode"
msgstr "Cambiar a modo conectado"

#: main/face/list.cc:1579 main/face/list.cc:1643
msgid "Switch to offline mode"
msgstr "Cambiar a modo desconectado"

#: main/face/lmenu.cc:165
msgid "View log"
msgstr "Ver registro"

#: main/face/lmenu.cc:171
msgid "Stop"
msgstr "Parar"

#: main/face/lmenu.cc:177
msgid "Continue downloads"
msgstr "Continuar descargas"

#: main/face/lmenu.cc:183
msgid "Copy"
msgstr "Copiar"

#: main/face/lmenu.cc:197
msgid "Common properties"
msgstr "Características comunes"

#: main/face/lmenu.cc:203
msgid "Delete downloads"
msgstr "Borrar descargas"

#: main/face/lmenu.cc:215
msgid "Delete failed"
msgstr "Borrar fallidas"

#: main/face/lmenu.cc:224
msgid "Open folder"
msgstr "Abrir carpeta"

#: main/face/lmenu.cc:229
msgid "Open file"
msgstr "Abrir archivo"

#: main/face/lmenu.cc:239
msgid "Move up"
msgstr "Mover arriba"

#: main/face/lmenu.cc:245
msgid "Move down"
msgstr "Mover abajo"

#: main/face/lmenu.cc:250
msgid "Alternates"
msgstr "Alternativos"

#: main/face/lmenu.cc:255 main/face/prefs.cc:808 main/face/prefs.cc:1314
#: main/face/prefs.cc:1550
msgid "FTP search"
msgstr "Búsqueda FTP"

#: main/face/lod.cc:43 main/face/mywidget.cc:408 main/face/mywidget.cc:779
msgid "File"
msgstr "Archivo"

#: main/face/lod.cc:44
msgid "Type"
msgstr "Tipo"

#: main/face/lod.cc:45
msgid "Full Size"
msgstr "Tamaño completo"

#: main/face/lod.cc:46
msgid "Downloaded"
msgstr "Descargado"

#: main/face/lod.cc:47
msgid "Rest"
msgstr "Restante"

#: main/face/lod.cc:51
msgid "Remaining"
msgstr "T.Restante"

#: main/face/lod.cc:52
msgid "Pause"
msgstr "Pausa"

#: main/face/lod.cc:53
msgid "Attempt"
msgstr "Intento"

#: main/face/lod.cc:282
msgid "Percent"
msgstr "Porcentaje"

#: main/face/lod.cc:748
msgid "Enter wildcard"
msgstr "Introducir comodín"

#: main/face/lod.cc:775
msgid "Unselect"
msgstr "Deseleccionar"

#: main/face/lod.cc:1258
msgid "Status"
msgstr "Estado"

#: main/face/log.cc:182
#, c-format
msgid "Row number %i [log of %s]"
msgstr "Fila número %i [registro de %s]"

#: main/face/log.cc:441
msgid "Log: "
msgstr "Registro:"

#: main/face/mywidget.cc:65
msgid "Select directory"
msgstr "Seleccionar directorio"

#: main/face/mywidget.cc:208
msgid "Select color"
msgstr "Seleccionar color"

#: main/face/mywidget.cc:353
msgid "Edit properties of Rule"
msgstr "Editar características de regla"

#: main/face/mywidget.cc:365 main/face/mywidget.cc:779
msgid "Protocol"
msgstr "Protocolo"

#: main/face/mywidget.cc:390 main/face/mywidget.cc:779
msgid "Host"
msgstr "Servidor"

#: main/face/mywidget.cc:399 main/face/mywidget.cc:779
msgid "Path"
msgstr "Ruta"

#: main/face/mywidget.cc:417
msgid "?"
msgstr "?"

#: main/face/mywidget.cc:426 main/face/mywidget.cc:779
msgid "Tag"
msgstr "Etiqueta"

#: main/face/mywidget.cc:483
msgid "include"
msgstr "incluir"

#: main/face/mywidget.cc:485
msgid "exclude"
msgstr "excluir"

#: main/face/mywidget.cc:771
msgid "Modify filter"
msgstr "Modificar filtro"

#: main/face/mywidget.cc:813
msgid "include by default"
msgstr "incluir por defecto"

#: main/face/mywidget.cc:815
msgid "exclude by default"
msgstr "excluir por defecto"

#: main/face/mywidget.cc:820
msgid "Name of filter"
msgstr "Nombre de filtro"

#: main/face/mywidget.cc:931
msgid "Select filter"
msgstr "Seleccionar filtro"

#: main/face/mywidget.cc:1103
msgid "List of links"
msgstr "Lista de enlaces"

#: main/face/mywidget.cc:1175
msgid "Add"
msgstr "Añadir"

#: main/face/mywidget.cc:1185
msgid "Referer:"
msgstr "Referencia:"

#: main/face/mywidget.cc:1190
msgid "Store into directory:"
msgstr "Almacenar en directorio:"

#: main/face/mywidget.cc:1394
msgid "proxy type"
msgstr "tipo de proxy"

#: main/face/mywidget.cc:1409
msgid "Use different proxy for this alternate"
msgstr "Utilizar un proxy diferente para esta alternativa"

#: main/face/passface.cc:319
msgid "Add new URL to URL-manager"
msgstr "Añadir nueva URL al gestor de URL"

#: main/face/passface.cc:374
msgid "Edit default preferences"
msgstr "Editar opciones por defecto"

#: main/face/passface.cc:393
msgid "limit"
msgstr "Límite"

#: main/face/passface.cc:393
msgid "con."
msgstr "con."

#: main/face/prefs.cc:260
msgid "Optimize recursive downloads"
msgstr "Optimizar descargas recursivas"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:275
msgid "Default permissions of local file"
msgstr "Permisos por defecto en archivo local"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:286
msgid "Save downloads to folder"
msgstr "Guardar descargas en carpeta"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:295 main/face/prefs.cc:1320 main/face/prefs.cc:1415
msgid "Limits"
msgstr "Límites"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:335
msgid "Number of parts to split files"
msgstr "Número de partes para separar archivos"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:343
msgid "Maximum lines in log"
msgstr "Líneas máximas en registro"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:351 main/face/prefs.cc:1322 main/face/prefs.cc:1425
msgid "FTP"
msgstr "FTP"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:388
msgid "Output FTP dirs in logs"
msgstr "Directorios FTP de salida en registros"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:399
msgid "default anonymous password"
msgstr "contraseña anónima por defecto"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:453 main/face/prefs.cc:1324 main/face/prefs.cc:1442
msgid "HTTP"
msgstr "HTTP"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:489
msgid "Filename for saving if it is unknown"
msgstr "Nombre de archivo para guardar si es desconocido"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:529 main/face/prefs.cc:1332 main/face/prefs.cc:1476
msgid "Main window"
msgstr "Ventana principal"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:531
msgid "Using title"
msgstr "Usar título"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:535
msgid "Use title of main window for info"
msgstr "Usar título de ventana principal para información"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:541
msgid "Do not display queue statistics"
msgstr "No mostrar estadísticas de cola"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:543
msgid "Display queue statistics too"
msgstr "También mostrar estadísticas de cola"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:545
msgid "Display only queue statistics"
msgstr "Mostar sólo estadísticas de cola"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:546
msgid "Scroll title"
msgstr "Desplazar título"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:553
msgid "Iconfiy main window instead of closing"
msgstr "Iconificar ventana principal en vez de cerrar"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:555
msgid "Do not remember position of the main window"
msgstr "No recordar la posición de la ventana principal"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:578 main/face/prefs.cc:1334 main/face/prefs.cc:1488
msgid "Confirmation"
msgstr "Confirmación"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:580
msgid "Confirm delete selected downloads"
msgstr "Confirmar borrar descargas seleccionadas"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:581
msgid "Confirm delete all downloads"
msgstr "Confirmar borrar todas las descargas"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:582
msgid "Confirm delete completed downloads"
msgstr "Confirmar borrar descargas completadas"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:583
msgid "Confirm delete failed downloads"
msgstr "Confirmar borrar descargas fallidas"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:584
msgid "Confirm opening large amount of windows"
msgstr "Confirmar abrir un gran número de ventanas"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:585
msgid "Confirm exit from program"
msgstr "Confirmar salir del programa"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:610 main/face/prefs.cc:1346 main/face/prefs.cc:1539
msgid "Clipboard"
msgstr "Portapapeles"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:612
msgid "Monitor clipboard"
msgstr "Monitorizar portapapeles"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:622
msgid "Skip these extensions in clipboard"
msgstr "Ignorar estas extensiones en portapapeles"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:630
msgid "Catch these extensions in clipboard"
msgstr "Recoger estas extensiones en portapapeles"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:658
msgid "Maximum lines in MAIN log"
msgstr "Líneas máximas en registro principal"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:662
msgid "Output detailed information"
msgstr "Mostrar información detallada"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:666
msgid "Save main log into file"
msgstr "Guardar registro principal en archivo"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:685
msgid "Maximum size for file of main log (in KBytes)"
msgstr "Tamaño máximo para archivo de registro principal (en KBytes)"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:690
msgid "Append to file"
msgstr "Añadir a archivo"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:693
msgid "Overwrite file"
msgstr "Sobreescribir archivo"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:708 main/face/prefs.cc:1343 main/face/prefs.cc:1530
msgid "Integration"
msgstr "Integración"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:710
msgid "Exit if nothing to do after"
msgstr "Salir si nada que hacer después"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:715 main/face/prefs.cc:752
msgid "minutes"
msgstr "minutos"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:726
msgid "Run this on exit"
msgstr "Ejecutar al salir"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:731
msgid "Open dialog for Drag-n-Drop"
msgstr "Abrir diálogo para Drag-n-Drop"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:747
msgid "Save list of downloads every"
msgstr "Guardar lista de descargas cada"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:759
msgid "Allow to user force run downloads"
msgstr "Permitir que el usuario fuerce descargas"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:760
msgid "Remember passwords"
msgstr "Recordar contraseñas"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:761
msgid "Write Descript.ion file"
msgstr "Escribir archivo Descript.ion"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:771
msgid "bytes/sec speed level one (red button)"
msgstr "Velocidad nivel uno en bytes/sec (botón rojo)"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:778
msgid "bytes/sec speed level two (yellow button)"
msgstr "Velocidad nivel dos en bytes/sec (botón amarillo)"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:813
msgid "Number of attempts to ping hosts"
msgstr "Número de intentos al hacer ping"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:820
msgid "Number of hosts in list"
msgstr "Número de servidores en lista"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:828
msgid "Number of links per searching engine"
msgstr "Número de enlaces para motor de búsqueda"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:869
msgid "search engine to use"
msgstr "motor de búsqueda a utilizar"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:884 main/face/prefs.cc:1329 main/face/prefs.cc:1464
msgid "Interface"
msgstr "Interfaz"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:886
msgid "Show DnD basket"
msgstr "Mostrar cesta DnD"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:887
msgid "Use fixed font in logs"
msgstr "Usar fuente de ancho fijo en registro"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:888
msgid "Display graph on DnD-basket"
msgstr "Mostrar gráfico en cesta DnD"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:889
msgid "Display current speed value on DnD-basket"
msgstr "Mostrar velocidad actual en cesta DnD"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:900
msgid "Double click on downloading item"
msgstr "Doble click en descarga"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:903
msgid "Open log"
msgstr "Abrir registro"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:905
msgid "Edit preferences"
msgstr "Editar opciones"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:907
msgid "Open downloaded file"
msgstr "Abrir archivo descargado"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:930 main/face/prefs.cc:1336 main/face/prefs.cc:1497
msgid "Graph"
msgstr "Gráfico"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:932
msgid "Revert drawing graph of speeds"
msgstr "Invertir gráfico de velocidades"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:935
msgid "Compressed mode"
msgstr "Modo comprimido"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:940
msgid "Color for picks"
msgstr "Color para selecciones"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:941
msgid "Color for total speed"
msgstr "Color para velocidad total"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:942
msgid "Color for current speed value"
msgstr "Color para velocidad actual"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:943
msgid "Background color"
msgstr "Color de fondo"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:952
msgid "Reset to default"
msgstr "Valores por defecto"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:955
msgid "Colors for graph"
msgstr "Colores para gráfico"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:980 main/face/prefs.cc:1338 main/face/prefs.cc:1506
msgid "Sounds"
msgstr "Sonidos"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:983
msgid "enable sounds"
msgstr "habilitar sonidos"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:988
msgid "output via ESD"
msgstr "salida a través de ESD"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:995
msgid "Startup"
msgstr "Inicio"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:997
msgid "Adding a download"
msgstr "Añadiendo una descarga"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:999
msgid "Downloading completed"
msgstr "Descarga completada"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:1001
msgid "Downloading failed"
msgstr "Error en descarga"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:1003
msgid "Downloading of queue is completed"
msgstr "Cola de descargas completada"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:1005
msgid "Drag'n'Drop event"
msgstr "Evento Drag-n-Drop"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:1043 main/face/prefs.cc:1044
msgid "No info about this theme."
msgstr "No hay información del tema"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:1064
msgid "Default theme"
msgstr "Tema por defecto"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:1095 main/face/prefs.cc:1340
msgid "Themes"
msgstr "Temas"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:1102
msgid "Themes' directory"
msgstr "Directorio de temas"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:1103
msgid "Rescan"
msgstr "Re-explorar"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:1112
msgid "Name"
msgstr "Nombre"

#: main/face/prefs.cc:1259
msgid "Options"
msgstr "Opciones"

#: main/face/qtree.cc:110 main/face/qtree.cc:486
msgid "Create new queue"
msgstr "Crear nueva cola"

#: main/face/qtree.cc:487
msgid "Create new subqueue"
msgstr "Crear nueva subcola"

#: main/face/qtree.cc:488
msgid "Delete queue"
msgstr "Borrar cola"

#: main/face/qtree.cc:586
msgid "Queue properties"
msgstr "Características de cola"

#: main/face/qtree.cc:597
msgid "Maximum active downloads"
msgstr "Máximo de descargas activas"

#: main/face/qtree.cc:605
msgid "Speed limitation per queue (Bytes/sec, 0 unlimited)"
msgstr "Límite de velocidad por cola (Bytes/sec, 0 ilimitado)"

#: main/face/qtree.cc:610
msgid "Automatically delete completed downloads"
msgstr "Borrar automáticamente descargas completadas"

#: main/face/qtree.cc:611
msgid "Automatically delete failed downloads"
msgstr "Borrar automáticamente descargas fallidas"

#: main/face/qtree.cc:621
msgid "Default folder to save downloaded files"
msgstr "Directorio por defecto para guardar descargas"

#: main/face/qtree.cc:628
msgid "Size format"
msgstr "Formato de tamaño"

#: main/face/qtree.cc:629
msgid "Time format"
msgstr "Formato de tiempo"

#: main/face/qtree.cc:630
msgid "Speed format"
msgstr "Formato de velocidad"

#: main/face/qtree.cc:714
msgid "Name of the queue"
msgstr "Nombre de la cola"

#: main/face/saveload.cc:101
msgid "Loading"
msgstr "Cargando"

#: main/face/saveload.cc:152
msgid "Save list"
msgstr "Guardar lista"

#: main/face/saveload.cc:194
msgid "Load list"
msgstr "Cargar lista"

#: main/face/saveload.cc:236
msgid "Find links in txt file"
msgstr "Buscar enlaces en archivo txt"

#: main/fsearch.cc:159
msgid "Check your installation of the Downloader"
msgstr "Comprueba tu instalación del Descargador"

#: main/ftp.cc:52
msgid "Accepting faild"
msgstr "Error al aceptar"

#: main/ftp.cc:70
msgid "Timeout while sending through control socket."
msgstr "Tiempo de espera superado al enviar a través del socket de control"

#: main/ftp.cc:71
msgid "Control connection lost"
msgstr "Conexión de control perdida"

#: main/ftp.cc:82
msgid "Data connection lost!"
msgstr "¡Conexión de datos perdida!"

#: main/ftp.cc:92
msgid "Control connection lost!"
msgstr "¡Conexión de control perdida!"

#: main/ftp.cc:182
msgid "Reget is not supported!!!"
msgstr "¡¡¡No se permite reanudar!!!"

#: main/ftp.cc:294
#, c-format
msgid "try to connect to %i,%i,%i,%i,%i,%i"
msgstr "intentando conectar a %i,%i,%i,%i,%i,%i"

#: main/ftp.cc:421
msgid "Probably file was changed on server!"
msgstr "¡Archivo probablemente modificado en servidor!"

#: main/ftp.cc:439 main/http.cc:219
msgid "Data connection closed."
msgstr "Conexión de datos cerrada."

#: main/ftp.cc:445 main/http.cc:225
msgid "Error have happened during writing buffer to disk!"
msgstr "¡Se ha producido un error al escribir el buffer al disco!"

#: main/ftp.cc:452 main/http.cc:232
msgid "Requested size was loaded"
msgstr "Se cargó el tamaño solicitado"

#: main/ftp.cc:464 main/http.cc:237
msgid "Segment was loaded! Complete this thread."
msgstr "¡Segmento cargado! Completa este hilo."

#: main/ftp.cc:472 main/http.cc:243
msgid "EOF recieved from server!"
msgstr "¡Recibido fin de archivo del servidor!"

#: main/ftpd.cc:240
msgid "Can't establish data connection"
msgstr "No se puede realizar la conexión de datos"

#: main/ftpd.cc:243
msgid "Can't change directory"
msgstr "No se puede cambiar de directorio"

#: main/ftpd.cc:246
msgid "Server refused login, perhaps there are too many users of your class"
msgstr "El servidor rechazó la autorización, puede que haya demasiados usuarios"

#: main/ftpd.cc:314 main/httpd.cc:234
msgid "Sleeping"
msgstr "Durmiendo"

#: main/ftpd.cc:421
msgid "Empty answer. Trying to change directory to determine file type."
msgstr "Respuesta vacía. Intentando cambiar de directorio para determinar el tipo de archivo."

#: main/ftpd.cc:444 main/ftpd.cc:470
msgid "Length is %ll"
msgstr "Tamaño es %ll"

#: main/ftpd.cc:456
msgid "This is a directory!"
msgstr "¡Esto es un directorio!"

#: main/ftpd.cc:466
msgid "No such file or directory!"
msgstr "¡No existe el archivo o directorio!"

#: main/ftpd.cc:501
msgid "Couldn't get size :(("
msgstr "No se pudo obtener el tamaño :(("

#: main/ftpd.cc:516
msgid "Loading directory..."
msgstr "Cargando directorio..."

#: main/ftpd.cc:530
msgid "Listing was loaded"
msgstr "Listado cargado"

#: main/ftpd.cc:533
msgid "Listing not loaded completelly"
msgstr "Listado no cargado completamente"

#: main/ftpd.cc:563
msgid "Link was loaded :))"
msgstr "Enlace cargado :))"

#: main/hproxy.cc:151 main/hproxy.cc:184
#, c-format
msgid "Sending request to proxy (%s:%i)"
msgstr "Enviando solicitud al proxy (%s,%i)"

#: main/hproxy.cc:155 main/hproxy.cc:188 main/httpd.cc:412 main/httpd.cc:441
msgid "Answer read ok"
msgstr "Respuesta recibida"

#: main/hproxy.cc:163 main/hproxy.cc:199
msgid "File not found on the server"
msgstr "Archivo no encontrado en el servidor"

#: main/hproxy.cc:202
msgid "Probably it's problem of proxy server, retrying"
msgstr "Probablemente es un problema de proxy, reintentando"

#: main/http.cc:63
msgid "Socket lost!"
msgstr "¡Socket perdido!"

#: main/http.cc:73
msgid "Request was sent, waiting for the answer"
msgstr "Petición enviada, esperando respuesta"

#: main/http.cc:88
msgid "It is not HTTP server!!!"
msgstr "¡¡¡No es un servidor HTTP!!!"

#: main/http.cc:96
msgid "All ok, reading file"
msgstr "Todo bien, leyendo archivo"

#: main/http.cc:107
msgid "It seems to me that you need a password :)"
msgstr "Me parece que necesitas una contraseña :)"

#: main/http.cc:113
msgid "Server return bad answer:(("
msgstr "Mala respuesta del servidor :(("

#: main/http.cc:197
msgid "Wrong chunk size!"
msgstr "¡Tamaño de trozo incorrecto!"

#: main/http.cc:200
msgid "Chunk size %ll"
msgstr "Trozo de tamaño %ll"

#: main/http.cc:202
msgid "It's last chunk!"
msgstr "¡Es el último trozo!"

#: main/httpd.cc:179
msgid "Couldn't get normal answer!"
msgstr "¡No se obtuvo respuesta normal!"

#: main/httpd.cc:386
msgid "Size for download is %ll bytes"
msgstr "El tamaño de descarga es %ll bytes"

#: main/httpd.cc:408 main/httpd.cc:437
msgid "Sending HTTP request..."
msgstr "Enviando petición HTTP..."

#: main/httpd.cc:485
msgid "It is seemed REGET not supported! Loading from begin.."
msgstr "¡No se permite reanudar! Cargando desde el principio..."

#: main/httpd.cc:488
msgid "ETag was changed, restarting again..."
msgstr "ETag modificada, reiniciando..."

#: main/httpd.cc:503
msgid "%ll bytes loaded."
msgstr "%ll bytes cargados."

#: main/log.cc:64
msgid "Log was started!"
msgstr "¡Registro comenzado!"

#: main/main.cc:145
msgid "Can't init control socket!\n"
msgstr "¡No se puede iniciar el socket de control!\n"

#: main/main.cc:198
msgid "Loading default list of downloads"
msgstr "Cargando lista por defecto de descargas"

#: main/main.cc:280 main/main.cc:1298
msgid "Delete completed downloads"
msgstr "Borrar descargas completadas"

#: main/main.cc:293
msgid "Delete failed downloads"
msgstr "Borrar descargas fallidas"

#: main/main.cc:310
msgid "Clear queue of downloads"
msgstr "Limpiar lista de descargas"

#: main/main.cc:365
msgid "Run new thread for %z"
msgstr "Ejecutar nuevo hilo para %z"

#: main/main.cc:371
msgid "Can't run new thread for downloading!"
msgstr "¡No se puede ejecutar el nuevo hilo de descarga!"

#: main/main.cc:428
#, c-format
msgid "Downloading of file %s from %s was terminated [by user]"
msgstr "Descarga del archivo %s de %s interrumpida [por usuario]"

#: main/main.cc:469
#, c-format
msgid "Delete file %s from queue of downloads"
msgstr "Borrar archivo %s de cola de descargas"

#: main/main.cc:564
#, c-format
msgid "Continue downloading of file %s from %s..."
msgstr "Continuar descarga de archivo %s de %s..."

#: main/main.cc:655
msgid "file"
msgstr "archivo"

#: main/main.cc:730
msgid "dir"
msgstr "directorio"

#: main/main.cc:735
msgid "link"
msgstr "enlace"

#: main/main.cc:740
msgid "device"
msgstr "dispositivo"

#: main/main.cc:773
msgid "Too many redirections!"
msgstr "¡Demasiadas redirecciones!"

#: main/main.cc:789
msgid "Redirection from [%z] to the same location!"
msgstr "¡Redirección de [%z] al mismo sitio!"

#: main/main.cc:819
msgid "Redirection from [%z] to nowhere!"
msgstr "¡Redirección de [%z] a ningúna parte!"

#: main/main.cc:845
msgid "Prepare thread %i of [%z] for stoping"
msgstr "Preparar hilo %i de [%z] para detener"

#: main/main.cc:871
msgid "Redirect from %z"
msgstr "Redirección de %z"

#: main/main.cc:878
msgid "Downloading of directory %z was completed"
msgstr "Completada descarga del directorio %z"

#: main/main.cc:882
msgid "Downloading of file %z (%ll bytes) was completed at speed %ll bytes/sec"
msgstr "Descarga de archivo %z (%ll bytes) completada a velocidad %ll bytes/seg"

#: main/main.cc:889
msgid "%z was deleted from queue of downloads as completed download"
msgstr "%z eliminado de cola de descargas como descarga completada"

#: main/main.cc:900
msgid "Downloading of file %z was terminated by fatal error"
msgstr "Descarga de archivo %z interrumpida por error fatal"

#: main/main.cc:902
msgid "%z was deleted from queue of downloads as failed download"
msgstr "% eliminado de la cola de descargas como descarga fallida"

#: main/main.cc:1234
msgid "Restarting failed downloads"
msgstr "Reiniciando descargas fallidas"

#: main/main.cc:1234 main/main.cc:1276 main/main.cc:1293 main/main.cc:1298
#: main/main.cc:1303 main/main.cc:1316 main/main.cc:1321
msgid "[control socket]"
msgstr "[socket de control]"

#: main/main.cc:1257
#, c-format
msgid "Remove the download via control socket [%s]"
msgstr "Eliminar descarga a través de socket de control [%s]"

#: main/main.cc:1263
#, c-format
msgid "Adding downloading via control socket [%s]"
msgstr "Añadiendo descarga a través de socket de control [%s]"

#: main/main.cc:1274
#, c-format
msgid "Set speed limitation to %s %s"
msgstr "Limitar la velocidad a %s %s"

#: main/main.cc:1293
msgid "Setup maximum active downloads to"
msgstr "Establecer descargas máximas activas a"

#: main/main.cc:1316
msgid "Exiting if nothing to do is switched off"
msgstr "Salir si nada que hacer se ha deshabilitado"

#: main/main.cc:1321
#, c-format
msgid "Downloader will exit if nothing to do after %i minutes %s"
msgstr "El Descargador saldrá si nada que hacer tras %i minutos %s"

#: main/main.cc:1334
#, c-format
msgid "Default queue is '%s' now."
msgstr "La cola por defecto es ahora '%s'."

#: main/main.cc:1635
msgid "Loading FTP-Search engines"
msgstr "Cargando motores de búsqueda FTP"

#: main/main.cc:1637
msgid "Normally started"
msgstr "Inicio normal"

#: main/main.cc:1695
#, c-format
msgid "Added downloading of file %s from %s [by user]"
msgstr "Añadida descarga del archivo %s de %s [por usuario]"

#: main/main.cc:1745
msgid "Downloader is in offline mode now"
msgstr "El Descargador está en modo sin conexión"

#: main/main.cc:1752
msgid "Offline mode is turned off"
msgstr "Modo sin conexión deshabilitado"

#: main/main.cc:1786
#, c-format
msgid "%lu bytes loaded during the session"
msgstr "%lu bytes cargados durante la sesión"

#: main/main.cc:1787
msgid "Downloader exited normaly"
msgstr "Descargador salió normalmente"

#: main/main.cc:1825
#, c-format
msgid "Can't open '%s' to save log"
msgstr "No se puede abrir '%s' para guardar el registro"

#: main/main.cc:1859
msgid "Such protocol is not supported!"
msgstr "¡Ese protocolo no está soportado!"

#: main/mainlog.cc:145
msgid "Limitation for size of file of mainlog reached! File have been truncated."
msgstr "¡Alcanzado límite de tamaño para registro principal! Se ha partido el archivo."

#: main/mainlog.cc:154
msgid "Can't write to file interrupting write to file"
msgstr "No se puede escribir a archivo, interrumpiendo"

#: main/mainlog.cc:194
msgid "Open a row"
msgstr "Abrir una fila"

#: main/mainlog.cc:197
msgid "Clear log"
msgstr "Limpiar registro"

#: main/mainlog.cc:253
#, c-format
msgid "row number %i of main log"
msgstr "fila número %i del registro principal"

#: main/mainlog.cc:297
msgid "Can't open file for saving log"
msgstr "No se puede abrir archivo para guardar registro"

#: main/memwl.cc:74
msgid "BUG: Wrong mode of lseek!\n"
msgstr "BUG: ¡Modo incorrecto de lseek!\n"

#: main/nt.cc:165
msgid "WARNING!!! Can't find HOME variable! So can't read config!"
msgstr "¡¡¡AVISO!!! ¡No se encontró la variable HOME para leer la configuración!"

#: main/nt.cc:181
#, c-format
msgid "%s probably is already running\n"
msgstr "%s probablemente ya se está ejecutando\n"

#: main/ping.cc:48
msgid "Resolving hosts..."
msgstr "Resolviendo servidores..."

#: main/ping.cc:77
msgid "Pinging  (it takes 30 seconds maximum)..."
msgstr "Enviando ping (tarda 30 segundos máximo) ..."

#: main/savelog.cc:42
msgid "Can't save default list of downloads!!! Becouse can't find HOME variable"
msgstr "¡¡¡No se puede guardar la lista de descargas porque no se encontró la variable HOME!!!"

#: main/savelog.cc:48
msgid "Can't save default list of downloads!!!"
msgstr "¡¡¡No se puede guardar la lista por defecto de descargas!!!"

#: main/savelog.cc:83
msgid "Can't load default list of downloads!!!"
msgstr "¡¡¡No se puede cargar la lista por defecto de descargas!!!"

#: main/signal.cc:53
msgid "Download  was stopped by user"
msgstr "Descarga parada por el usuario"

#: main/var.cc:101
msgid "low"
msgstr "baja"

#: main/var.cc:102
msgid "medium"
msgstr "media"

#: main/var.cc:103
msgid "unlimited"
msgstr "ilimitada"

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