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Frederal funding available

Press Release

Sun, 19 Oct 2008 10:12:22 +1200

The Federal Grants and Loans Book is now available. This publication 
contains more than 5000 financial programs, subsidies, scholarships, 
grants and loans offered by the US federal government and various 
foundations and associations acroos the United States. That is over 
2200 pages of information !!!

Contents of the Catalog 

Federal agency administering a program;
Authorization upon which a program is based;
Objectives and goals of a program;
Types of financial and nonfinancial assistance offered under a program;
Uses and restrictions placed upon a program;
Eligibility requirements;
Application and award process;
Amount of obligations for the past, current, and future fiscal years;
Regulations, guidelines and literature relevant to a program;
Information contacts at the headquarters, regional, and local offices;
Programs that are related based upon program objectives and uses;
Examples of funded projects;
Criteria for selecting proposals; and
Individual agency policies and Federal management policy directives
pertaining to a program.

Programs in the Catalog provide a wide range of benefits and services, 
which have been grouped into 20 basic functional categories, and 176 
subcategories that identify specific areas of interest. Listed below are
the 20 basic categories in which all programs have been grouped by 
primary purpose.
Business and Commerce
Community Development
Consumer Protection
Cultural Affairs
Disaster Prevention and Relief
Employment, Labor, and Training
Environmental Quality
Food and Nutrition
Income Security and Social Services
Information and Statistics
Law, Justice, and Legal Services
Natural Resources
Regional Development
Science and Technology
Programs in the Catalog also include service activities of regulatory

CD version: $69.95
Printed version: $149.95

To order please call: 450-761-0037

If you do not wish to receive communication from us 
in the future please write "agl" in the subject line 
to: unsub2@hotpop.com

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Prevost, Qc
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