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Typesetting & DTP Services


We are a medium-sized organization based in New Delhi, India, providing publishing-related resources on a per-project 
basis. Having worked for the entire spectrum of organizations: startups to Fortune 500's, we have over the last few years 
earned an indomitable reputation for quality and reliability, at down-to-earth pricing.  

We offer dedicated personnel, with a single-point-of-contact account manager. We provide deliveries by the 
hour/day/week, and offer the following services: 
- Multi-Lingual typesetting in QuarkXPress, InDesign, FrameMaker etc in almost all languages
- Desktop Publishing (DTP) in almost all languages
- Scanning/OCR and Metadata Services for archiving journals/old books
- XML Conversion 
- eBooks Creation (including .epub format)
- Text extraction from InDesign, QuarkXPress, PDFs etc. for translation, and subsequent re-import of the translated text
the source files 
- Format conversion (eg. conversion from PageMaker to QuarkXPress, InDesign etc, including cross-platform)

The deliverables our team creates will be books, journals, brochures, presentations, newsletters, user manuals, ebooks, 

It is like your very own team working at an offshore location, with at least 50% cost saving and no issues of headcount, 
recruitment, infrastructure management, employee insurances, etc. We provide for a time overlap with your office timings. A 
dedicated account manager manages the entire communication with you. 

Entire payment may be made after receiving satisfactory delivery of service. References can be provided on request.

Write in to know more. We'll send you a note or if you prefer, call you. 


Dhiraj Aggarwal
New Delhi, India
Phone: +(91) 98100 50809

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